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This application is made for the GRE aspirants who finds difficult to mug up vocab lists. This is a simple and subtle layout having 11 lists according to Jamboree Vocab lists. You can take a quiz manually or use a counter.

##How to a manual quiz?

  1. Select any of the list. Currently list 1 and list 3 are live.
  2. You will get a random word. Guess its group.
  3. See the answer by clicking on Group button.
  4. Click on "Next Word" to get the next word.

How to take a automated quiz?

  1. Choose any list.
  2. Click on the play button. The word will automatically change after a regular interval of 4 seconds.


  1. The layout is subtle and impressive.
  2. Maximum stress is given to the word and rest all elements are smaller to maximize the learning.
  3. Automated quiz option for not clicking on "Next" button.