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(in-package :cl-js)
(defvar *reading-slot-name* nil)
(defun is-whitespace (char)
(position char #.(concatenate '(vector character)
(list #\space #\tab #.(code-char 11) #\page #\return #\newline
(code-char #xa0) (code-char #x2028) (code-char #x2029)))))
(defun ends-atom (char)
(or (is-whitespace char) (member char '(#\) #\] #\} #\, #\:))))
(defun skip-whitespace (stream)
(loop :while (is-whitespace (peek-char nil stream nil))
:do (read-char stream)))
(defun at-eof (stream)
(eql (peek-char nil stream nil :eof) :eof))
(defun json-error (message &rest args)
(apply 'js-error :syntax-error message args))
(defun parse-json (string)
(with-input-from-string (in string)
(let ((value (read-json in)))
(skip-whitespace in)
(unless (at-eof in)
(json-error "Unused characters at end of input."))
(defun read-json (stream)
(skip-whitespace stream)
(case (peek-char nil stream nil :eof)
(:eof (json-error "Unexpected end of input."))
((#\" #\') (read-json-string stream))
(#\[ (read-json-array stream))
(#\{ (read-json-object stream))
(t (read-json-atom stream))))
(defun read-json-string (stream)
(labels ((interpret (char)
(if (eql char #\\)
(let ((escaped (read-char stream)))
(case escaped
(#\u (read-unicode))
(#\b #\backspace) (#\n #\newline) (#\r #\return)
(#\t #\tab) (#\f #\page) (t escaped)))
(read-unicode ()
(code-char (loop :for pos :from 0 :below 4
:for weight :of-type fixnum := #.(expt 16 3) :then (ash weight -4)
:for digit := (digit-char-p (read-char stream) 16)
:do (unless digit (json-error "Invalid unicode constant in string."))
:sum (* digit weight)))))
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop :with quote :of-type character := (read-char stream)
:for next :of-type character := (read-char stream)
:until (eql next quote)
:do (write-char (interpret next) out))
(end-of-file () (json-error "Encountered end of input inside string constant."))))))
(defun gather-comma-separated (stream end-char obj-name gather-func)
(declare (type character end-char)
(type function gather-func))
;; Throw away opening char
(read-char stream)
(let ((finished nil))
(skip-whitespace stream)
(let ((next (peek-char nil stream nil #\null)))
(declare (type character next))
(when (eql next #\null)
(json-error "Encountered end of input inside ~A." obj-name))
(when (eql next end-char)
(read-char stream)
(when finished
(json-error "Comma or end of ~A expected, found '~A'" obj-name next)))
(funcall gather-func)
(skip-whitespace stream)
(if (eql (peek-char nil stream nil) #\,)
(read-char stream)
(setf finished t)))))
(defun read-json-array (stream)
(let ((accum (empty-fvector 20 0)))
stream #\] "list"
(lambda ()
(vector-push-extend (read-json stream) accum)))
(build-array accum)))
(defun read-json-object (stream)
(let ((obj (js-obj)))
stream #\} "object literal"
(lambda ()
(let ((slot-name (let ((*reading-slot-name* t)) (read-json stream))))
(unless (or (typep slot-name 'string) (typep slot-name 'number))
(json-error "Invalid slot name in object literal: ~A" slot-name))
(skip-whitespace stream)
(when (not (eql (read-char stream nil) #\:))
(json-error "Colon expected after '~a'." slot-name))
(setf (js-prop obj slot-name) (read-json stream)))))
(defun looks-like-a-number (string)
(let ((string (coerce string 'simple-string)))
(every (lambda (char)
(or (digit-char-p char)
(member char '(#\e #\E #\. #\- #\+))))
(defun read-json-atom (stream)
(let ((accum (make-array 0 :element-type 'character :fill-pointer 0 :adjustable t)))
(let ((next (peek-char nil stream nil :eof)))
(when (or (ends-atom next) (eql next :eof))
(vector-push-extend next accum)
(read-char stream)))
(let ((number-val (and (looks-like-a-number accum)
(ignore-errors (read-from-string accum)))))
(cond ((numberp number-val) number-val)
((string= accum "false") nil)
((string= accum "true") t)
((string= accum "null") :null)
((string= accum "undefined") :null)
((and *reading-slot-name*
(every (lambda (c)
(declare (type character c))
(or (alphanumericp c) (eql c #\_) (eql c #\$)))
(t (json-error "Unrecognized value in JSON data: ~A" accum))))))
(defvar *replacer*)
(defun process-replacer (repl)
(typecase repl
(js-func (lambda (key val)
(let ((result (js-call repl *env* key val)))
(values result (not (eq result :undefined))))))
(js-array (let ((vec (js-array-vec repl)))
(lambda (key val)
(values val
(loop :for elt :across vec :do (when (js== elt key) (return t)))))))
(js-null (lambda (key val) (declare (ignore key)) (values val t)))
(t (js-error :range-error "The second argument to JSON.stringify should be either a function or an array."))))
(defun stringify-json (value replacer)
(let ((*replacer* (process-replacer replacer)))
(with-output-to-string (out)
(write-json value out))))
(defun write-json (element stream)
(typecase element
(aobj (write-json-array element stream))
(obj (write-json-obj element stream))
(string (write-json-string element stream))
(js-number (write-json-number element stream))
(boolean (write-string (if element "true" "false") stream))
(js-null (write-string "null" stream))
(t (write-json-string (to-string element) stream))))
(defun write-json-string (string stream)
(declare (stream stream))
(let ((string (coerce string 'simple-string)))
(write-char #\" stream)
(loop :for ch :of-type character :across string :do
(let ((code (char-code ch)))
(declare (fixnum code))
(cond ((< code 14) (princ (case ch (#\backspace "\\b") (#\newline "\\n") (#\return "\\r")
(#\page "\\f") (#\tab "\\t") (t ch)) stream))
((eq code 92) (write-string "\\\\" stream))
((eq code 34) (write-string "\\\"" stream))
(t (write-char ch stream))))))
(write-char #\" stream))
(defun write-json-number (number stream)
(typecase number
(integer (write number :stream stream))
(double-float (format stream "~,,,,,,'eE" number))
(t (write-string (ecase number (:NaN "NaN") (:Inf "Infinity") (:-Inf "-Infinity")) stream))))
(defun write-json-obj (obj stream)
(write-char #\{ stream)
(let ((first t))
(flet ((write-prop (key)
(multiple-value-bind (val include) (funcall *replacer* key (js-prop obj key))
(when include
(if first (setf first nil) (write-char #\, stream))
(write-json (to-string key) stream)
(write-char #\: stream)
(write-json val stream)))))
(js-for-in obj #'write-prop t)))
(write-char #\} stream))
(defun write-json-array (arr stream)
(write-char #\[ stream)
(loop :for i :from 0 :for val :across (js-array-vec arr) :for first := t :then nil :do
(unless first (write-char #\, stream))
(write-json (funcall *replacer* i val) stream))
(write-char #\] stream))