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(in-package :cl-js)
(defvar *scope* ())
(defparameter *label-name* nil)
(defvar *break* ())
(defvar *continue* ())
(defvar *symbol-table*)
(defun as-sym (name)
(or (gethash name *symbol-table*)
(setf (gethash name *symbol-table*) (make-symbol name))))
(defgeneric lookup-variable (name scope rest))
(defgeneric set-variable (name valname scope rest))
(defmethod lookup-variable (name (scope null) rest)
(declare (ignore rest))
(expand-global-lookup name))
(defmethod set-variable (name valname (scope null) rest)
(declare (ignore rest))
(expand-global-set name valname))
(defstruct with-scope var)
(defmethod lookup-variable (name (scope with-scope) rest)
(let ((found (gensym)))
`(if-not-found (,found ,(expand-cached-lookup (with-scope-var scope) name))
,(lookup-variable name (car rest) (cdr rest))
(values ,found ,(with-scope-var scope)))))
(defmethod set-variable (name valname (scope with-scope) rest) ;; TODO hasOwnProperty?
`(if-not-found (nil ,(expand-cached-lookup (with-scope-var scope) name))
,(set-variable name valname (car rest) (cdr rest))
,(expand-cached-set (with-scope-var scope) name valname)))
(defstruct simple-scope vars)
(defmethod lookup-variable (name (scope simple-scope) rest)
(let ((sym (as-sym name)))
(if (member sym (simple-scope-vars scope))
(lookup-variable name (car rest) (cdr rest)))))
(defmethod set-variable (name valname (scope simple-scope) rest)
(let ((sym (as-sym name)))
(if (member sym (simple-scope-vars scope))
`(setf ,sym ,valname)
(set-variable name valname (car rest) (cdr rest)))))
(defstruct (arguments-scope (:include simple-scope)) args)
(defmethod lookup-variable (name (scope arguments-scope) rest)
(declare (ignore rest))
(if (member (as-sym name) (arguments-scope-args scope))
`(car ,(as-sym name))
(defmethod set-variable (name valname (scope arguments-scope) rest)
(declare (ignore rest))
(if (member (as-sym name) (arguments-scope-args scope))
`(setf (car ,(as-sym name)) ,valname)
(defstruct captured-scope vars local-vars objs next)
(defun capture-scope ()
(let ((varnames ())
(val-arg (gensym))
(locals :null)
(objs ())
(next nil))
(dolist (level *scope*)
(typecase level
(setf varnames (union varnames (simple-scope-vars level)))
(when (eq locals :null) (setf locals (mapcar 'symbol-name (simple-scope-vars level)))))
(with-scope (push (with-scope-var level) objs))
(captured-scope (setf next level))))
:vars (list ,@(loop :for var :in varnames :for name := (symbol-name var) :collect
`(list ',name (lambda () ,(lookup-var name))
(lambda (,val-arg) ,(set-in-scope name val-arg)))))
:local-vars ',locals :objs (list ,@(nreverse objs)) :next ,next)))
(defun lookup-in-captured-scope (name scope)
(let ((var (assoc name (captured-scope-vars scope) :test #'string=)))
(if var
(funcall (second var))
(loop :for obj :in (captured-scope-objs scope) :do
(if-not-found (val (js-prop obj name))
(return val))
:finally (return (if (captured-scope-next scope)
(lookup-in-captured-scope name (captured-scope-next scope))
(global-lookup name)))))))
(defmethod lookup-variable (name (scope captured-scope) rest)
(declare (ignore rest))
`(lookup-in-captured-scope ,name ,scope))
(defun set-in-captured-scope (name value scope)
(let ((var (assoc name (captured-scope-vars scope) :test #'string=)))
(if var
(funcall (third var) value)
(loop :for obj :in (captured-scope-objs scope) :do
(if-not-found (nil (js-prop obj name))
(return (setf (js-prop obj name) value)))
:finally (if (captured-scope-next scope)
(set-in-captured-scope name value (captured-scope-next scope))
(setf (js-prop *env* name) value))))))
(defmethod set-variable (name valname (scope captured-scope) rest)
(declare (ignore rest))
`(set-in-captured-scope ,name ,valname ,scope))
(defun lookup-var (name)
(lookup-variable name (car *scope*) (cdr *scope*)))
(defun set-in-scope (name value &optional is-defun)
(let ((valname (gensym))
(scopes (if is-defun (remove-if (lambda (s) (typep s 'with-scope)) *scope*) *scope*)))
`(let ((,valname ,value))
,(set-variable name valname (car scopes) (cdr scopes)))))
(defmacro with-scope (local &body body)
`(let ((*scope* (cons ,local *scope*))) ,@body))
(defun in-function-scope-p () ;; TODO do not count catch scopes
(some (lambda (s) (typep s 'simple-scope)) *scope*))
(let ((integers-are-fixnums
(and (>= most-positive-fixnum (1- (expt 2 53)))
(<= most-negative-fixnum (- (expt 2 53))))))
(defun inferred-type-to-lisp-type (type)
(case type
(:integer (if integers-are-fixnums 'fixnum 'integer))
(:number 'number))))
(defun translate (form)
(let ((result (apply-translate-rule (car form) (cdr form)))
(typing (ast-type form)))
(if (and typing (setf typing (inferred-type-to-lisp-type typing)))
`(the ,typing ,result)
(defun translate-ast (ast)
(let ((*symbol-table* (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(translate (infer-types ast))))
(defmacro deftranslate ((type &rest arguments) &body body)
(let ((form-arg (gensym)))
`(defmethod apply-translate-rule ((,(gensym) (eql ,type)) ,form-arg)
(destructuring-bind (,@arguments &rest rest) ,form-arg
(declare (ignore rest)) ,@body))))
(defgeneric apply-translate-rule (keyword form)
(:method (keyword form)
(declare (ignore keyword))
(mapcar #'translate form)))
(deftranslate (nil) nil)
(deftranslate (:atom atom)
(case atom
(:true t)
(:false nil)
(t atom)))
(deftranslate (:dot obj attr)
(expand-cached-lookup (translate obj) attr))
(deftranslate (:sub obj attr)
`(js-prop ,(translate obj) ,(translate attr)))
(deftranslate (:var bindings)
`(progn ,@(loop :for (name . val) :in bindings :collect
(cond (val (set-in-scope name (translate val)))
((not *scope*) `(if-not-found (nil (js-prop *env* ,name))
(setf (js-prop *env* ,name) :undefined)
(t :undefined)))))
(deftranslate (:object properties)
(let ((props ()))
(loop :for (name . val) :in properties :do
(let* ((name (to-string name))
(found (assoc name props :test #'string=)))
(if (member (car val) '(:get :set))
(let ((func (translate-internal-function (fourth val) (fifth val))))
(if (and found (consp (cdr found)) (eq (second found) :active))
(case (car val) (:get (setf (third found) func)) (:set (setf (fourth found) func)))
(let ((val (case (car val)
(:get (list :active func nil))
(:set (list :active '(lambda (this) (declare (ignore this)) :undefined) func)))))
(if found (setf (cdr found) val) (push (cons name val) props)))))
(if found
(setf (cdr found) (translate val))
(push (cons name (translate val)) props)))))
(expand-static-obj '(find-proto :object) props)))
(deftranslate (:regexp expr flags)
`(load-time-value (new-regexp ,expr ,flags)))
(defmacro extend-label (var (name &rest expr) &body body)
`(let ((,var (cons (cons ,name (lambda () ,@expr)) ,var))) ,@body))
(deftranslate (:label name form)
(if (member (car form) '(:for :for-in :switch :do :while))
;; These handle their own label
(let ((*label-name* name)) (translate form))
(let ((block (gensym)))
(extend-label *break* (name `(return-from ,block :undefined))
`(block ,block ,(translate form))))))
;; Used in ,@
(defun translate@ (form)
(and form (list (translate form))))
(defmacro with-label (var &body body)
`(let ((,var *label-name*)
(*label-name* nil))
(defun translate-for (init cond step body)
(with-label label
(let ((continued nil)
(break-block (gensym))
(retval (gensym))
(extend-label *break* (label `(return-from ,break-block))
(extend-label *continue* (label `(go ,(setf continued (or continued (gensym)))))
(setf translated-body (translate body))))
`(let ((,retval :undefined))
(block ,break-block
(progn ,@(translate@ init))
(unless ,(if cond (to-boolean-typed (translate cond) (ast-type cond)) t)
(go loop-end))
,@(and translated-body `((setf ,retval ,translated-body)))
,@(and continued (list continued))
(progn ,@(translate@ step))
(go loop-start)
(deftranslate (:for init cond step body)
(translate-for init cond step body))
(deftranslate (:while cond body)
(translate-for nil cond nil body))
(deftranslate (:do cond body)
(with-label label
(let ((continued nil)
(break-block (gensym))
(retval (gensym))
(extend-label *break* (label `(return-from ,break-block))
(extend-label *continue* (label `(go ,(setf continued (or continued (gensym)))))
(setf translated-body (translate body))))
`(let ((,retval :undefined))
(block ,break-block
,@(and translated-body `((setf ,retval ,translated-body)))
,@(and continued (list continued))
(when ,(to-boolean-typed (translate cond) (ast-type cond))
(go loop-start))))
(deftranslate (:break label)
(loop :for (lbl . thunk) :in *break* :do
(when (or (not label) (equal label lbl))
(return (funcall thunk)))
;; These should be caught by parser. This is just a sanity check.
:finally (js-error :syntax-error "Break without matching context.")))
(deftranslate (:continue label)
(loop :for (lbl . thunk) :in *continue* :do
(when (or (not label) (equal label lbl))
(return (funcall thunk)))
:finally (js-error :syntax-error "Continue without matching context.")))
(deftranslate (:for-in init lhs obj body)
(with-label label
(let ((continued nil)
(break-block (gensym))
(retval (gensym))
(prop (gensym)))
(extend-label *break* (label `(return-from ,break-block))
(extend-label *continue* (label `(go ,(setf continued (or continued (gensym)))))
(setf translated-body (translate body))))
`(let ((,retval :undefined))
(block ,break-block
,@(translate@ init)
(js-for-in ,(translate obj)
(lambda (,prop)
,(translate-assign lhs prop)
,(if continued
`(tagbody (setf ,retval ,translated-body) ,continued)
`(setf ,retval ,translated-body)))))
(deftranslate (:switch val cases)
(with-label label
(let ((break-block (gensym))
(val-sym (gensym))
(retval (gensym))
(default-case nil)
(extend-label *break* (label `(return-from ,break-block))
(setf blocks
(loop :for ((val . body) . rest) :on cases
:for data := (list val (gensym) (mapcar 'translate body)) :collect data
:do (unless val (setf default-case data))
:when (and (not rest) (not default-case))
:collect (setf default-case (list nil (gensym) nil)))))
`(let ((,val-sym ,(translate val))
(,retval :undefined))
(block ,break-block
(cond ,@(loop :for (case label) :in blocks :when case :collect
`((js=== ,val-sym ,(translate case)) (go ,label)))
(t (go ,(second default-case))))
,@(loop :for (nil label statements) :in blocks
:collect label
:append (loop :for stat :in statements :collect
`(setf ,retval ,stat)))))
(deftranslate (:case)
(js-error :syntax-error "Misplaced case label."))
(deftranslate (:default)
(js-error :syntax-error "Misplaced default label."))
(flet ((expand-if (test then else)
`(if ,(to-boolean-typed (translate test) (ast-type test))
,(translate then) ,(translate else))))
(deftranslate (:if test then else)
(expand-if test then else))
(deftranslate (:conditional test then else)
(expand-if test then else)))
(deftranslate (:try body catch finally)
(let ((body (translate body)))
`(,(if finally 'unwind-protect 'prog1)
,(if catch
(with-scope (make-simple-scope :vars (list (as-sym (car catch))))
(let ((var (as-sym (car catch))))
`(handler-case ,body
(js-condition (,var)
(setf ,var (js-condition-value ,var))
,(translate (cdr catch))))))
,@(and finally (list (translate finally))))))
(deftranslate (:throw expr)
`(error 'js-condition :value ,(translate expr)))
(deftranslate (:name name)
(lookup-var name))
(deftranslate (:with obj body)
(let ((obj-var (gensym "with")))
`(let ((,obj-var ,(translate obj)))
(declare (ignorable ,obj-var))
,(with-scope (make-with-scope :var obj-var) (translate body)))))
(defun find-locals (body &optional others)
(let ((found (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(labels ((add (name)
(setf (gethash name found) t))
(scan (ast)
(case (car ast)
(:block (mapc #'scan (second ast)))
((:do :while :switch :with :label) (scan (third ast)))
(:for-in (scan (second ast)) (scan (fifth ast)))
(:for (scan (second ast)) (scan (fifth ast)))
(:defun (add (second ast)))
(:var (dolist (def (second ast)) (add (car def))))
(:if (scan (third ast)) (scan (fourth ast)))
(:try (scan (second ast)) (scan (cdr (third ast))) (scan (fourth ast))))))
(mapc #'add others)
(mapc #'scan body)
(loop :for name :being :the :hash-keys :of found
:collect name :into all
:unless (member name others :test #'string=) :collect name :into internal
:finally (return (values all internal))))))
(defun references-arguments (body)
(labels ((scan (expr)
;; Don't enter inner functions
(when (and (consp expr) (not (member (car expr) '(:function :defun))))
(when (and (eq (car expr) :name) (string= (second expr) "arguments"))
(return-from references-arguments t))
(mapc #'scan expr))))
(scan body)
(defun ast-is-eval-var (ast)
(and (eq (car ast) :name) (equal (second ast) "eval")))
(defun uses-lexical-eval (body)
(labels ((scan (expr)
(when (and (consp expr) (not (member (car expr) '(:function :defun)))) ;; Don't enter inner functions
(when (and (eq (car expr) :call) (ast-is-eval-var (second expr)))
(return-from uses-lexical-eval t))
(mapc #'scan expr))))
(scan body)
(defun split-out-defuns (forms)
(loop :for form :in forms
:when (eq (car form) :defun) :collect form :into defuns
:else :collect form :into other
:finally (return (values defuns other))))
(defun lift-defuns (forms)
(multiple-value-call #'append (split-out-defuns forms)))
(defun translate-raw-function (name args body)
(let* ((uses-eval (uses-lexical-eval body))
(uses-args (or uses-eval (references-arguments body)))
(eval-scope (gensym "eval-scope"))
(base-locals (cons "this" args))
(fname (and (or uses-args *enable-Function.caller*)
(or name (symbol-name (gensym))))))
(when name (push name base-locals))
(when uses-args (push "arguments" base-locals))
(multiple-value-bind (locals internal) (find-locals body base-locals)
(setf locals (mapcar 'as-sym locals) internal (mapcar 'as-sym internal))
(with-scope (if uses-args
(make-arguments-scope :vars locals :args (mapcar 'as-sym args))
(make-simple-scope :vars locals))
(when uses-eval
(push (make-with-scope :var eval-scope) *scope*))
(let ((body1 `((let* (,@(when *enable-Function.caller*
`((*current-caller* *current-callee*)
(*current-callee* ,(as-sym fname))))
,@(loop :for var :in internal :collect `(,var :undefined))
;; TODO sane object init
,@(and uses-eval `((,eval-scope (make-obj (find-cls :object)))
(eval-env ,(capture-scope)))))
(declare (ignorable ,@internal ,@(and uses-eval (list eval-scope))))
,@(mapcar 'translate (lift-defuns body))
(values (if uses-args
(wrap-function/arguments args body1 (as-sym fname))
(wrap-function args body1))
(defun translate-function (name args body)
(multiple-value-bind (lmb fname) (translate-raw-function name args body)
(let ((funcval `(build-func ,lmb ,(length args))))
(if (or name fname)
(let ((n (as-sym (or name fname))))
`(let (,n)
(declare (ignorable ,n))
(setf ,n ,funcval)))
(defun translate-internal-function (args body)
(multiple-value-bind (lmb fname) (translate-raw-function nil args body)
(if fname
(let ((n (as-sym fname)) (val (gensym)))
`(let* (,n (,val ,lmb))
(declare (ignorable ,n))
(setf ,n (build-func ,val ,(length args)))
(defun wrap-function (args body)
`(lambda (,(as-sym "this")
,@(when args '(&optional))
,@(loop :for arg :in args :collect
`(,(as-sym arg) :undefined))
&rest extra-args)
(declare (ignore extra-args)
(ignorable ,(as-sym "this") ,@(mapcar 'as-sym args)))
(block function ,@body)))
(defun wrap-function/arguments (args body fname)
(let ((argument-list (gensym "arguments"))
(arg-names (mapcar #'as-sym args)))
`(lambda (,(as-sym "this") &rest ,argument-list)
(declare (ignorable ,(as-sym "this")))
;; Make sure the argument list covers at least the named args
(let ((,(as-sym "arguments")
(make-argobj (find-cls :arguments) ,argument-list (length ,argument-list) ,fname)))
(declare (ignorable ,(as-sym "arguments")))
,@(when args
`((if ,argument-list
(loop :for cons :on ,argument-list :repeat ,(length args) :do
(unless (cdr cons) (setf (cdr cons) (list :undefined))))
(setf ,argument-list (make-list ,(length args) :initial-element :undefined)))))
(let ,(loop :for arg :in arg-names :collect `(,arg (prog1 ,argument-list (pop ,argument-list))))
(declare (ignorable ,@arg-names))
(block function ,@body))))))
(deftranslate (:return value)
(unless (in-function-scope-p)
(js-error :syntax-error "Return outside of function."))
`(return-from function (values ,(if value (translate value) :undefined))))
(deftranslate (:defun name args body)
(set-in-scope name (translate-function name args body) t))
(deftranslate (:function name args body)
(translate-function name args body))
(deftranslate (:toplevel body)
`(progn ,@(mapcar 'translate (lift-defuns body))))
(deftranslate (:new func args)
`(js-new ,(translate func) ,@(mapcar 'translate args)))
(deftranslate (:call func args)
(cond ((ast-is-eval-var func)
`(lexical-eval ,(translate (or (car args) :undefined))
,(if (in-function-scope-p) 'eval-env (capture-scope))))
((member (car func) '(:sub :dot))
(let ((obj (gensym)) (mth (gensym)))
`(let* ((,obj ,(translate (second func)))
(,mth ,(case (car func)
(:dot (expand-cached-lookup obj (third func)))
(:sub `(js-prop ,obj ,(translate (third func)))))))
(if (fobj-p ,mth)
(funcall (the function (fobj-proc ,mth)) ,obj ,@(mapcar 'translate args))
,(case (car func)
(:dot `(js-error :type-error "Can not call method ~a in ~a." ,(third func) (to-string ,obj)))
(:sub `(js-error :type-error "Invalid method call on ~a." (to-string ,obj))))))))
((and (eq (car func) :name) (some (lambda (e) (typep e 'with-scope)) *scope*))
(let ((fval (gensym)) (objval (gensym)))
`(multiple-value-bind (,fval ,objval) ,(translate func)
(funcall (the function (proc ,fval)) (or ,objval *env*) ,@(mapcar 'translate args)))))
(t `(funcall (the function (proc ,(translate func))) *env* ,@(mapcar 'translate args)))))
(defun translate-assign (place val)
(case (car place)
((:name) (set-in-scope (second place) val))
((:dot) (expand-cached-set (translate (second place)) (third place) val))
(t `(setf ,(translate place) ,val))))
;; TODO cache path-to-place
(deftranslate (:assign op place val)
(unless (case (car place) ((:dot :sub) t) (:name (not (equal (second place) "this"))))
(js-error :syntax-error "Bad assign."))
(translate-assign place (translate (if (eq op t) val (list :binary op place val)))))
(deftranslate (:num num)
(etypecase num
(keyword (ecase num (:infinity (infinity)) (:-infinity (-infinity))))
(number num)))
(deftranslate (:string str) str)
(deftranslate (:array elems)
(let ((arr (gensym)))
`(let ((,arr (make-array ,(length elems) :fill-pointer ,(length elems) :adjustable t)))
,@(loop :for elt :in elems :for pos :from 0 :collect
`(setf (aref ,arr ,pos) ,(if elt (translate elt) :undefined)))
(build-array ,arr))))
(deftranslate (:stat form)
(translate form))
(deftranslate (:block forms)
`(progn ,@(mapcar 'translate forms)))
(deftranslate (:seq form1 result)
`(prog2 ,(translate form1) ,(translate result)))
(deftranslate (:binary op lhs rhs)
(let ((lhs1 (translate lhs)) (rhs1 (translate rhs))
(lht (ast-type lhs)) (rht (ast-type rhs)))
;; Hack to join 'a' + 'b' + 'c' into a single concatenate call (if string type is known)
(flet ((unwrap-conc (expr)
(if (and (consp expr) (eq (car expr) 'concatenate)) (cddr expr) (list expr))))
(if (and (eq op :+) (eq lht :string) (eq rht :string))
`(concatenate 'string ,@(unwrap-conc lhs1) ,@(unwrap-conc rhs1))
(or (expand op lht rht lhs1 rhs1)
`(,(js-intern op) ,lhs1 ,rhs1))))))
(deftranslate (:unary-prefix op rhs)
(let ((type (ast-type rhs)))
(case op
((:++ :--) (translate-assign
rhs `(,(cond ((not (num-type type)) (js-intern op))
((eq op :--) '1-) ((eq op :++) '1+)) ,(translate rhs))))
((:+ :-) (or (expand op nil type nil (translate rhs))
`(,(js-intern op) 0 ,(translate rhs))))
(:delete (if (member (car rhs) '(:sub :dot))
`(delete-prop ,(translate (second rhs))
,(ecase (car rhs) (:dot (third rhs)) (:sub (translate (third rhs)))))
`(progn ,(translate rhs) t)))
(:typeof (if (eq (car rhs) :name)
`(handler-case (js-type-of ,(translate rhs))
(undefined-variable () "undefined"))
`(js-type-of ,(translate rhs))))
(t (or (expand op nil type nil (translate rhs))
`(,(js-intern op) ,(translate rhs)))))))
(deftranslate (:unary-postfix op place)
(let ((ret (gensym)) (type (ast-type place)))
`(let ((,ret ,(translate place)))
,(translate-assign place `(,(cond ((not (num-type type)) (js-intern op))
((eq op :--) '1-) ((eq op :++) '1+)) ,ret))
(defun see (js) (translate-ast (parse js)))
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