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Common Lisp JavaScript HTML
Latest commit 8da79ab Feb 26, 2016 @quicklisp quicklisp committed with marijnh Fix :key/:test typo
#'string= is used as an argument to :key in SET-DIFFERENCE, but :key is for extracting an element, not testing it. Use :test instead.
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bench add codemirror benchmark (and fix some bugs that prevented it from ru… Aug 14, 2010
.gitignore add .gitignore file that ignores *.fasl Aug 14, 2010
LICENSE README update Jun 11, 2010 Fix link to parse-js Jan 29, 2014
api.lisp Added support for Function.caller/arguments.callee.caller property. S… Sep 23, 2012
bench.lisp Clean up exported API, introduce new library-definition macros Nov 15, 2010
cl-js.asd Add :author/:license to ASD file Jun 1, 2015
deflib.lisp Fix brokenness masked by (safety 0) Aug 1, 2012
index.html Mark release 0.12.03 Mar 14, 2012
infer.lisp follow changes in parse-js's representation of for-in Jan 17, 2011
inline-op.lisp Fixed % to use REM instead of MOD (result differs on negative numbers) Oct 12, 2012
js.lisp prevent '&optional &rest' from occuring in argument lists Mar 8, 2011
json.lisp Use #\null instead of #\nul Feb 13, 2012
jsos.lisp Further fix Object.prototype.toString Oct 25, 2012
operators.lisp Make 'false == null' properly return false Feb 5, 2013
package.lisp Added support for Function.caller/arguments.callee.caller property. S… Sep 23, 2012
runtime.lisp Fix :key/:test typo Feb 26, 2016
test.js Fix Array.prototype.unshift() Nov 26, 2015
translate.lisp Used two special variables for Function.caller stack instead of consi… Sep 25, 2012
url-encode.lisp raise proper URI errors when the URI-functions encounter a problem Oct 19, 2010
utils.lisp update package name to :cl-js, stop interning JS variables Nov 12, 2010


See for the project homepage.

CL-JavaScript is a compiler (translator) aimed to enable scripting software written in Common Lisp with JavaScript. It is developed by Alan Pavičić, Marijn Haverbeke (also the author of parse-js library) and Iva Jurišić.

CL-JavaScript is licensed under MIT public license.