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Seva Project

The goal is to create a website for the iCare group from PESIT to help out NGOs and volunteering students. This is a very basic site forked from Pinax (which is based on Django).


  • Student registration form (


Please check the spec_sheet.docx for more information. It is still very vague, improving it with specific details would be the goal. If possible, convert it to plaintext (markdown?). There are few wireframes in the wireframes/ folder.

  • Check out the issues

How to contribute:

This is a simple project. It is intended for people who are starting out Open Source developement. Mostly targeted towards PESIT students, others are welcome as well.

You can probably check out the django docs at This is an MVC (Model view controller) framework. For an example, check out that is used in Finally, configured in

Contribute by creating a github account . You'll play around with SSH keys. Basically, upload your public key to github servers. After you are done with the edits, send in a pull request

We usually hangout at #pes-os on Freenode, if you need help. Or better yet, join #django


pip install -r requirements.txt

After your edits ./ This is tiny bash script to syncdb and runserver

Please checkout the references for specifics:

Check out the requirements.txt

Googling should take you to their corresponding documentation like

Pretty much everything is a Google away. If you are stuck feel free to mail me.

Happy Contributing,

The PES Opensource Team