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Code EXpress (CEX)

The might be plenty of other books, training and blogs about Python. But we aren't afraid. Over the multiple years we are writing for you about the multivendor networks, their operations and automation. And we are getting your feedbacks, which we value a lot. These feedbacks pointed us in the direction of the CEX. We are going to provide you the same quality material on the Python for networkers. We don't pretend to cover all the use cases, approaches or modules. But we will cover what works from our experience, and what we use ourselves.

Where to read

This folders contains the scripts without too much description. Well, without description at all. If you are interested to understand associated use cases and lear more details, reffer to the Code EXpress (CEX) series on our blog:

Where to watch

We provide you unique learning experience by also providing the video associated with each lesson. Ultimately you have the blogpost + the video class + the code example. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to follow video series:

Table of Content

Season 01:

  • 01: Installation of Python 3.8.1
  • 02: The first Python's code
  • 03: Python variables (numbers, strings, bollean) and format() function
  • 04: Python variables (list) and basic functions to work with the list
  • 05: Using split() and join() function to list-string manipulations
  • 06: Python variables (dictionary) and basic functions to work with the dictionary
  • 07: For loop for Python's lists and dictionaries (using items())
  • 08: If conditional for Python script
  • 09: While loop in Python and math operations
  • 10: Creation and usage of the user-defined functions in Python

Season 02:

  • 11: Working with files (reading, writing)
  • 12: Utilising built-in Python modules (sys, re, csv)
  • 13: Crearing your own Python module

Preparing to Cisco DevNet

This series will help you to prepare to Cisco DevNet certification (e.g. DEVASC, DEVCORE exams).

Do you want to automate network like a profi?

Join the network automation course:

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This is a supplementary repository for the Python code examples covered in the blog series:






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