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A prototype of automated building of a data center fabric using multiple vendors (Arista, Cisco, Cumulus, Nokia) with Ansible
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Data Center Fabric

This project is a sister of another my project Service Provider Fabric. At some time in future they will be merged into a single one, but as of today they are splitted. The primar focus of this project is to make sure the freshly shipped network function is automatically provisioned (zero-touch) up to desired state including infrastructure and customer services and is integrated into data center operation.

Currently used network operation systems

  1. Arist EOS
  2. Cisco IOS XR 6.5.1
  3. Nokia SR OS 16.0.R5
  4. Cumulus Linux 3.7.3


The current version of this repository is 0.3.


You have installed Netbox ( to document your infrastructure, as it's used as "the source of truth" and modelling for data center infrastructure and services.

Change log

Version 0.1.

  1. Initial release
  2. Integration of Ansible with NetBox over REST API to retreive information needed to create configuration for Cumulus Linux.
  3. Automatic provisioning of Cumulus VX using information extracted in previous point.

Version 0.1.1.

  1. Topology is added within topology folder.

Version 0.2.

  1. Automatic provisioning of Arista EOS for underlay IP Fabric.
  2. Automatic provisioning of Cisco IOS XR for underlay IP Fabric.

Version `0.3'.

  1. Added folder containers with Dockerfiles for infrastructure enablers.
  2. Folder containers\dns contains the Dockerfile for DNS Server based on BIND9 and Alpine Linux base image.
  3. Folder contaienrs\ftp contains the Dockerfile for FTP Server based on VSFTP and Alpine Linux base image.
  4. Folder contaienrs\http contains the Dockerfile for FTP Server based on NGINX and Alpine Linux base image.
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