GUI for comparing JMH results
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GUI for comparing JMH results

Requires Java 8.

jmh-compare-gui example


  1. Copy the output of JMH to the clipboard with the header
  2. Click paste
  3. Repeat with other JMH results

The program remembers all of its tabs, settings and contents on exit.


Precompiled, runnable JAR

jmh-compare-gui-1.3.1.jar (SHA1: 2a7c06346ea57a812160a7d9cf76f0fb14d5a1e3)

Previous versions

jmh-compare-gui-1.3.0.jar (SHA1: f8aef4a1e3036566df155ec0f4df29df5379b24d)

jmh-compare-gui-1.2.0.jar (SHA1: 1e3e3983ae1f78cecbea9b956bcacbbbef31ac4c)

jmh-compare-gui-1.1.0.jar (SHA1: 6f184ea6bcd07570dfcda4c73e2f6cfbaf4d0a5a)

jmh-compare-gui-1.0.5.jar (SHA1: ae3a583812b5da14c6082d4905520a05bbf6b9f8)

jmh-compare-gui-1.0.jar (SHA1: 92b8563e6e478605f276b057617500a1c16a40dd)