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It is a fork of "Yet another take on a home assistant custom alarm" that will exist until its author is back to our Earth
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BWAlarm (ak74 edition)


This fork was created to maintain the original bwalarm custom component until its author is back.
The discussion thread on Home Assistant Community to share ideas or ask for help (NOT to report a bug!) is here.
Feel free to open a new issue or make a Pull Request.
Any constructive feedback/suggestion is welcome.

How to: installation

Copy the following folders into your home assistant configuration directory:

  custom_components/bwalarm/  The alarm system code, resources and documentation there
  resources                   This folder stores your alarm configuration file and some user data (i.e badges)

Using HACS (you need to have HACS already installed and configured):

  1. Click on Community in the left hand side menu on Home Assistant frontend
  2. Click Store
  3. Scroll down until you see BWAlarm (ak74 edition) and click on it
  4. If necessary, select Show Beta from the drop-down menu under SETTINGS
  5. Optionally, select version from Available versions drop-down list (it has the latest one selected by default).
  6. Click INSTALL and wait until it's done
  7. If you don't have resources folder in your <Home Assistant config folder> folder, you may need to create one
  8. Save bwalarm folder into your local <Home Assistant config folder>/resources folder
  9. Configure the alarm.

To get things working with Home Assistant (HA) you need to add the following to your configuration.yaml:

alarm_control_panel: !include resources/bwalarm/bwalarm.yaml

You may need to restart HA if the integration doesn't load first time as HA will need to install a dependency (ruamel.yaml).

It's advisable to start with a new bwalarm.yaml file (located in resources/bwalarm folder) with the minimum configuration set:

platform: bwalarm

You can always configure your alarm using web interface or by editing your bwalarm.yaml directly.
The default password to access the Settings tab of the panel is HG28!!&dn
For more details please refer to the configuration variables page, examples and notes.

How to: update

Currently the update process is pretty much similar to installation:

  1. Copy a new release archive/clone the repository from GotHub to a local folder on your computer.
  2. You only need to copy custom_components/bwalarm folder from the downloaded release into your <Home Assistant config folder>/custom_components folder.
  3. Please note that you DON'T need to overwrite <Home Assistant config folder>/resources folder as it contains your integration's configuration file (and possibly some additional resources).

Using HACS:

  1. Click on Community in the left hand side menu on Home Assistant frontend
  2. Click on BWAlarm (ak74 edition) in Integrations
  3. Click UPGRADE

Bear in mind that if you use this method, it only updates <Home Assistant config folder>/custom_components/bwalarm/ folder and ALL user data inside that folder will be lost upon every update!
Updating by using HACS (even if you initially installed the integration manually) does not overwrite user settings as these are stored in the <Home Assistant config folder>/resources folder.

After update (for all methods)

Please note that the component's code is loaded on Home Assistant startup and the panels' code (panel.html) is cached by a browser.
Therefore, every time you update no matter how, you HAVE to clear cache of ALL of your browsers and then RESTART Home Assistant for changes to take effect.

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