A project that forces me to document my work as I go. It keeps me focused and reminds me of accomplishments.
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To use:
Set lib/journal_app.rb to executable
Run it!

I recommend running this whenever your machine boots.

Journalizer is an application that reminds you, every half hour, to make a note of what you're doing. It logs what you're doing (with timestamps) so you can look back and:
1. Show your boss how awesome you are.
2. Remind yourself how much you got done.
3. File the pages away.

* Make I/O the role of the JournalApp, not the Journal. 
* Generalize reminders. 
* Get Deserialization working and fix logging
* Clean up serialization process. Use a DB or remove duplicates in a journal file.
* Add the ability to log to Twitter or Yammer
* Abstract out hard-coded gorwlnotify (and generalize prompting)
* Generalize input for GUI app
* Add ability to pipe in from other apps. (Auto pipe in Git commit messages with some notes)
* Add tagging
* Add custom reminders (#TODO tag?)