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andry1 commented Mar 7, 2011

Hey there -- I just happened to need a node.js based way of doing some syslog stuff (specifically over tcp) for a project I'm working on, and came across ain -- thanks for making it! I extended things a bit on my end to include support for doing syslog over TCP but left the basic frame work the same.

We'd like to use npm to handle all the packaging and whatnot for our development and deployment, so were curious if you'd be ok with pulling my changes into your repo to make it all "official" without us having to fork off the npm package as well.


andry1 added some commits Mar 3, 2011

@andry1 andry1 Initial support for logging over TCP, with slightly updated readme. S…
…till need to make things a little more robust as far as completion callbacks and such are concerned when logging over TCP
@andry1 andry1 start adding callback chains to logging functions, still missing in m…
…ost of the main ones that use format()
@andry1 andry1 Revert "start adding callback chains to logging functions, still miss…
…ing in most of the main ones that use format()"

...upon further investigation and discussion, we don't actually need this right now since SysLogger will emit an error if something really nasty happens,
and the callback chains with multiple calls to Socket.write seem to not behave properly

This reverts commit 37d731c.
@andry1 andry1 add simple example e7367ab

akaspin commented Mar 7, 2011

Sorry, your code is cool bu useless. Reasons: speed and KISS. UDP is ten times faster than TCP. The main flow in the node.js is syncronous. Therefore, the basic idea is: "Do not do something that can make someone else".

I choose syslog (rsyslog in my case) because it can route messages. All in docs. ain designed to fast no-brain logging. Fire message - syslog daemon handles it by tag, hostname etc.

Features are great, but not if they have already been implemented.

andry1 commented Mar 8, 2011

No worries - we happened to need reliable delivery over tcp instead of risking things getting dropped over UDP, if it doesn't fit in with what you want for ain, we'll just use our own branch for the time being.


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