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@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ If for any reason you don't want to decorate `writeHead` method, just add
In this case `writeHead` method remains untouched and you can get all setted
cookies by `deploy` method, that returns `Array` of prepared cookies.
-## Kaph chain usage
+## Usage in Kaph chain
This module provides *operation* to use with *kaph*. Usage is similar to that
described above. With one difference - operation creates a new object `cookies`
@@ -126,3 +126,12 @@ inside *kaph* handler.
## Pitfalls
+All pitfalls of this module concluded that "kaph" decorates `writeHead` method
+of `http.ServerResponse` instance. If you use any architecture, that also
+decorates this method - use *Kaph cookie* **after** all other decorations.
+For usage with *kaph* chain I recommend insert cookie *Operation* after all
+others that may decorate `writeHead` method, and just before operations that
+can write to `response`.

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