Features of ngrok and its use
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Features of ngrok and its use

Setup your ngrok's config.yml file

./ngrok authtoken <YOUR_TOKEN_HERE>

This command will save the auth token into the config.yml file. Doing this opens up a lot of features for you. Which i am going to explore.

./ngrok http -auth 'user:password' <PORT>

This command will start an ngrok server on your local machine on port 80 and set the authentication as shown in the figure,

Alt text

To use the same ngrok url always

It is a common problem that developers face that ngrok everytime assigns you a new url whenever you restart ngrok, to avoid this there are two options,

Run ngrok on your own domain

ngrok http -region=us -hostname=dev.example.com 8000

This saves some money, You can use your own machine at home to host your website.

Use ngrok subdomain feature

ngrok http -subdomain=yourdomain 80

This saves your money of buying a domain name

NGROK Alternative

The only problem i have heard of so far about local tunnel is about its uptime.