Redisplay parts of the Emacs buffer as pretty symbols.
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Redisplays parts of the Emacs buffer as pretty Unicode symbols. Highly configurable and extendable


Install the ELPA package from MELPA

In your Cask file:

(source melpa)
(depends-on "pretty-mode")


(require 'pretty-mode)
; if you want to set it globally
(global-pretty-mode t)
; if you want to set it only for a specific mode
(add-hook 'my-pretty-language-hook 'turn-on-pretty-mode)


cask install
make test
cask exec emacs -q -L . -l .dev/init.el


  • Arthur Danskin released pretty-mode in 2008 which fontifies various symbols.
  • Grant Rettke added support for some Lispy stuff, Unicode character documentation, and Unicode source references.
  • Dmitri Akatov is currently maintaining pretty-mode and is adding support for more symbols, more modes and customization.