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Amon - Server monitoring, logging and error tracking for web apps


Amon was designed with one goal in mind - to help you completely monitor your web applications.

1. System monitoring

Monitor the core metrics of your servers - RAM, CPU, disk space, etc.

2. Process monitoring

Monitor the CPU and RAM usage. Add new process with 1 line of code. Master/worker aware - perfect for monitoring web servers

3. Application logging

Log events, user and performance data. Amon allows you to log any datastructure, so you can log dictionaries, hashes, arrays, etc. Navigate quickly through your log data with a nice and clean web interface

4. Exception logging

Catch and log Rails, Django, Node.js exceptions out of the box. Easy extendable to any language/framework that supports http and json

More info

Amon user guide ->

Amon blog ->


Python 2.5+

pymongo >=2.0

Jinja2 >=2.5

tornado >=2.1.1