Implementation of rsync's delta diff (for high entropy data only!)
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This is implementation of the rsync delta algorithm without a rolling hash function.

Instead of using a rolling hash I use the first 8 bytes of each block as the weak lookup key. For data with high entropy, e.g. gzipped data this works quite well. It breaks hard for arbitrary data, so use with care.

You can check the Shannon entropy of your data with the script:

$  cat /tmp/data.tgz | python 

High entropy means something close to 1.

I am avoiding the rolling hash because a pure python implementation is very slow. This implementation is, while not fast, at least usable for files up to a few hundred megabytes.

Example usage:

from deltadiff2 import *

# We have an original file on the server and a changed file on the
# client:
sig = generate_signature('/tmp/')
delta = generate_delta('/tmp/', sig)

# Now the client sends up the deltas over the dial up modem and we
# apply them on the server side:
patch('/tmp/', '/tmp/', sig, delta)