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Tools to build images with oz

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Image Build
1) Install oz using the packages in /packages
2) Modify template file in templates/ and change the <rootpw> section in the .tdl for the distribution you want to modify
3) build the image
    ./ f16 # will built a fedora 16 image
4) Copy the distro.img file to your nova infra node and add it to glance
    keyglance <admin user> <admin password> add name="<IMAGE NAME>" container_format=bare disk_format=raw is_Public="True" < distro.img
5) Launch an instance and enjoy

Current RCB OpenStack Image List (built images for deployment)
RedHat 5 Update 6
CentOS 6.0 X86_64
Fedora 15 X86_64
Fedora 16 X86_64
Ubuntu 10.04
Ubuntu 10.04 (60GB)
Ubuntu 10.04 (80GB)
Ubuntu 10.04 (120GB)
Ubuntu 10.04 (160GB)
Ubuntu 10.04 (320GB)
Ubuntu 10.10
Ubuntu 11.04
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