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;;; Blocks
;;; Copyright (c) 1999 Emergent Technologies, Inc.
;;; Permission to copy this software, to redistribute it, and to use it
;;; for any purpose is granted, subject to the following restrictions and
;;; understandings.
;;; 1. Any copy made of this software must include this copyright notice
;;; in full.
;;; 2. Users of this software agree to make their best efforts (a) to
;;; return to Emergent Technologies, Inc. any improvements or extensions
;;; that they make, so that these may be included in future releases; and
;;; (b) to inform Emergent Technologies, Inc. of noteworthy uses of this
;;; software.
;;; 3. All materials developed as a consequence of the use of this
;;; software shall duly acknowledge such use, in accordance with the usual
;;; standards of acknowledging credit in academic research.
;;; 4. Emergent Technologies, Inc. has made no warrantee or representation
;;; that the operation of this software will be error-free, and Emergent
;;; Technologies, Inc. is under no obligation to provide any services, by
;;; way of maintenance, update, or otherwise.
;;; 5. In conjunction with products arising from the use of this material,
;;; there shall be no use of the name Emergent Technologies nor of any
;;; adaptation thereof in any advertising, promotional, or sales
;;; literature without prior written consent from Emergent Technologies,
;;; Inc. in each case.
(require-library "")
(require-library "")
(require-library "" "sherman")
;;; Blocks are fundamentally based on linked lists. The data
;;; structure handed to the user contains a pointer to the first
;;; element and to the 'current' element. (These pointers actually
;;; point to the cell *before* the current element. This allows you
;;; to perform an insert at the 'current' location.)
;;; This will give you a O(1) insert, O(n) traversal.
(define (#%list->block list)
(let ((tag (cons 'block list)))
(cons tag tag)))
(define list->block #%list->block)
(define-syntax incf
(syntax-rules ()
((incf var) (set! var (add1 var)))))
(define block?-count 0)
(define (block? object)
(and (pair? object)
(pair? (car object))
(eq? (caar object) 'block)))
;;; Macros for performance.
(define-syntax block/first
(syntax-rules ()
((block/first block) (caddr block))))
(define-syntax block/second
(syntax-rules ()
((block/first block) (cadddr block))))
(define-syntax block/third
(syntax-rules ()
((block/first block) (car (cddddr block)))))
(define-syntax block/fourth
(syntax-rules ()
((block/first block) (cadr (cddddr block)))))
(define-syntax block->list
(syntax-rules ()
((block->list block) (cddr block))))
(define-syntax block/rest
(syntax-rules ()
((block/rest block) (cons (car block) (cddr block)))))
(define-syntax block/empty?
(syntax-rules ()
((block/empty? block) (null? (cddr block)))))
;;; Block functions
(define (block/clear! block)
(set-cdr! (cdr block) '()))
(define (block/copy b)
;; First, copy the tail elements.
(let ((tail-copy (append (cdr b) '()))) ;copy list fast
;; now, copy the head elements until reaching the tail
(let loop ((scan (car b)))
(if (eq? scan (cdr b))
(cons (car scan) (loop (cdr scan)))))
(define (block/find block element)
;; We'd like to use member, but we can't
(let loop ((scan (cdr block)))
(cond ((null? (cdr scan)) #f)
((equal? (cadr scan) element)
(cons (car block) scan))
(else (loop (cdr scan))))))
(define (block/head block)
(cons (car block) (car block)))
(define (block/insert! dest object)
(set-cdr! (cdr dest) (cons object (cddr dest)))
;; Bump past the new element
;; (set-cdr! dest (cddr dest))
(define (append-head list tail nelements)
(if (zero? nelements)
(cons (car list) (append-head (cdr list) tail (sub1 nelements)))))
(define (block/insert-part! dest src count)
(let* ((original-tail (cddr dest))
(new-tail (append-head (block->list src) original-tail count)))
(set-cdr! (cdr dest) new-tail)
;; Bump past the insert
(let loop ((scan (cdr dest)))
(if (eq? (cdr scan) original-tail)
(set-cdr! dest scan)
(loop (cdr scan))))
(define (block/length block)
(length (block->list block)))
(define (block/pick block n)
;; Stupid 1-based picking
(list-ref (cdr block) n))
(define (block/select block element)
(let ((found (member element (cddr block))))
(and found
(cadr found)
(define (block/set-first! block new-first)
(set-car! (cddr block) new-first))
(define (block/set-n! dest new-stuff)
(let loop ((dest (block->list dest))
(src (block->list new-stuff)))
(if (not (null? src))
(begin (set-car! dest (car src))
(loop (cdr dest) (cdr src))))))
(define (block/skip block n)
(if (>= n 0)
(cons (car block) (list-tail (cdr block) n))
(error "Backward skipping not implemented yet")))
(define (block/splice! dest source)
(let* ((current-tail (block->list dest))
(new-tail (append (block->list source) current-tail)))
(set-cdr! (cdr dest) new-tail)
;; Bump past the insert
; (let loop ((scan (cdr dest)))
; (if (eq? (cdr scan) current-tail)
; (set-cdr! dest scan)
; (loop (cdr scan))))
(define (block->stream block)
(list->stream (block->list block)))
(define (block/tail block)
(cons (car block) (last-pair (cdr block))))
(define (block/tail? block)
(null? (cddr block)))