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base: 39ab2d59c2
compare: master
Commits on May 04, 2012
@akavlie More space removal 9ad0098
@akavlie Remove duplicate phrase push 7870ffe
Commits on May 05, 2012
@brianshaler brianshaler Merge pull request #2 from akavlie/master
"Merge all the things!!"
Commits on May 25, 2012
@brianshaler brianshaler Major overhaul, removing Express MVC Bootstrap, streamlining app and …
…Twitter Auth process, and misc rearchitecture
@brianshaler brianshaler show sample keys on setup page, update conf.js.sample file to match m…
…y dev conf.js
@brianshaler brianshaler fail mo betta 979111c
@brianshaler brianshaler check to see if tasks or junk topics exist, and if not, add them 817082c
@brianshaler brianshaler Remove node_modules from repo.. now just use 'npm install' 43d7149
Commits on May 26, 2012
@brianshaler brianshaler Update README with new installation instructions and setup notes f27172f
@brianshaler brianshaler add missing controllers 4ac4890
@brianshaler brianshaler dumb favicon 188e76b
@brianshaler brianshaler populate initial non-topics via json file a9d2c9f
@brianshaler brianshaler log less stupid stuff f2c7f88
@brianshaler brianshaler sidebar madness df6f312
@brianshaler brianshaler Add missing method to dashboard 365648a
@brianshaler brianshaler shhh too much logging 7adff1d
@brianshaler brianshaler Fix missing params object, reduce logging 8b5570d
@brianshaler brianshaler Stupid exception-throwing bug. Where's the if?? Also, less logging 30dfc85
@brianshaler brianshaler massage timeline code to allow internal calls, less logging, fix sinc…
…e_id param; improved streaming timeout detection to hopefully prevent duplicate streams
@brianshaler brianshaler fixing broken shit 91da817
@brianshaler brianshaler less logging a6ed209
@brianshaler brianshaler show unpopular tags in there aren't any/many popular ones 3d22776
@brianshaler brianshaler prevent dupicate topics e4bd30d
@brianshaler brianshaler log less and more 2e713a6
@brianshaler brianshaler whoops, forgot webkit. will add other vendor prefixes later, or some …
…such nonsense
@brianshaler brianshaler s/object/objects/ 9cec68d
@brianshaler brianshaler fix missing callback bug and be more detailed with errors 945c3bf
Commits on May 27, 2012
@brianshaler brianshaler separate layouts, organized setup steps c932789
@brianshaler brianshaler separate layouts, organized setup steps 28a64a1
@brianshaler brianshaler stupid global li style 93576ed
@brianshaler brianshaler add tabs from Twitter Bootstrap 9b8722b
@brianshaler brianshaler add foursquare dependency 468ea56
@brianshaler brianshaler new authentication helper 299fd9d
@brianshaler brianshaler refactor setup process; add foursquare support 547bfdb
@brianshaler brianshaler was pulling older checkins for testing 7acf5fa
@brianshaler brianshaler have each service check to make sure related tasks have been created 3fc46f9
@brianshaler brianshaler Add Instagram support... But without photos... HAHAHAHAHAHA 881eb8f
@brianshaler brianshaler better date display for old items 366e02f
@brianshaler brianshaler embed photos if present bd329d1
@brianshaler brianshaler add API version to squelsh warning message, and cleanup config 35b0fac
@brianshaler brianshaler add [media] support on ActivityItem, populate via instagram a5da445
@brianshaler brianshaler hide thumbnail when collapsed 6e1e8ed
@brianshaler brianshaler use largest size that fits 2455dc9
@brianshaler brianshaler BUG 9258b16
@brianshaler brianshaler pluck out photo if present on Foursquare checkin 41ba14c
@brianshaler brianshaler clean-up, use proper layout 01ced26
@brianshaler brianshaler The error page was supposed to animate, but never put in the code tha…
…t lights the fuse..
@brianshaler brianshaler remove repetitive logging 828e5f0
Commits on May 28, 2012
@brianshaler brianshaler hide sidebar on initial account creation screen 9dffe92
@brianshaler brianshaler touch up wording on default admin page 61405e4
@brianshaler brianshaler add landing page.. if app not set up, redirect to /admin/setup 2e45f4c
Commits on May 31, 2012
@brianshaler brianshaler app_settings shouldn't be in here any more 9ecf647
Commits on Jun 01, 2012
@brianshaler brianshaler update item if it already exists. and mongoose's 'unique' attribute d…
…oesn't seem to be working..
@brianshaler brianshaler add basic search functionality e374b39
@brianshaler brianshaler add layout with nav bcbe343
@akavlie Testing infrastructure. 8e302f8
@akavlie Split analyze_me out for easier testability. 71a7e16
@akavlie Remove duplicate analysis code in controller. 73503a8
@akavlie More duplicate code removal. caaa733
@akavlie A bit of cleanup 3f9b36a
@akavlie examples file started. d926761