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Commits on Mar 17, 2011
  1. @ptone
Commits on Mar 16, 2011
  1. @ptone

    preloading the progress image, fixes render

    ptone committed
    there may be a better way to do this yet, perhaps
    by having the image already in a hidden element
  2. @ptone

    added feedback during package update

    ptone committed
    eventually I imagine this should use the celery
    backend, but for now this was a fun and easy
    side trip
  3. @ptone

    added test for version ordering in Version manager

    ptone committed
    unfortunately doesn't look like there is a way to
    preserve the type as a QS, can only return a
    sorted list.
  4. @ptone

    small fix to link for api docs link

    ptone committed
    see original commit notes on justification for not having version in main
    api doc title
  5. @ptone

    allow local settings to add to installed apps

    ptone committed
    if local settings define a LOCAL_INSTALLED_APPS ver, then these apps will
    be added to installed apps. Useful for having debugging or testing related
    apps not defined in main settings file
  6. @ptone
  7. @ptone
  8. @ptone
  9. @ptone

    fixed rename for index

    ptone committed
  10. @ptone

    renamed API docs

    ptone committed
    The docs were seemingly mistitled for V2, until there is in fact a V2, it
    would seem simpler just to have things named api docs. When a V2 is available
    the api docs can have a section for v1 and v2.
  11. @ptone

    added note in installation docs about available fixtures

    ptone committed
    the flatblock items at least should probably be documented at some point
Commits on Mar 14, 2011
  1. @ptone

    fix endless loop hitting RTD

    ptone committed
    the js function handleRTD was continuing to recurse even once all the elements
    in the array had been removed
Commits on Mar 3, 2011
  1. @ptone

    added sorting based on distutils for package.pypi_version

    ptone committed
    There are several methods one could use for sorting.
    The strictest option would be:
    But this would break with many packages
    went with distutils.version.LooseVersion
    ultimately this could be put into a custom Version
    object manager, but for now...
    addresses #60
  2. @ptone
  3. @ptone

    moved search box to upper right of page in base template

    ptone committed
    This involved:
     * moving the form and autocomplete javascript to base.html
     * moving the autocomplete css from home.css to djangopackages.css
     * adding a searchform css class to djangopackages.css
    I went ahead and used the autocompleting, package-only search from the
    homepage, as even though grid count will go up over time, I think most people
    are approaching this from the package-search mindset
    A preview image can be found:
  4. @ptone
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