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Here are some tips about Pelican that you might find useful.

Publishing to GitHub

GitHub comes with an interesting "pages" feature: you can upload things there and it will be available directly from their servers. As Pelican is a static file generator, we can take advantage of this.

The excellent ghp-import makes this really easy. You will have to install it:

$ pip install ghp-import

Then, given a repository containing your articles, you would simply have to run Pelican and upload the output to GitHub:

$ pelican -s .
$ ghp-import output
$ git push origin gh-pages

And that's it.

If you want, you can put that directly into a post-commit hook, so each time you commit, your blog is up to date on GitHub!

Put the following into .git/hooks/post-commit:

pelican -s . && ghp-import output && git push origin
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