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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .support import unittest
from pelican.contents import Page
from pelican.settings import _DEFAULT_CONFIG
from jinja2.utils import generate_lorem_ipsum
# generate one paragraph, enclosed with <p>
TEST_CONTENT = str(generate_lorem_ipsum(n=1))
TEST_SUMMARY = generate_lorem_ipsum(n=1, html=False)
class TestPage(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
super(TestPage, self).setUp()
self.page_kwargs = {
'content': TEST_CONTENT,
'metadata': {
'summary': TEST_SUMMARY,
'title': 'foo bar',
'author': 'Blogger',
def test_use_args(self):
"""Creating a page with arguments passed to the constructor should use
them to initialise object's attributes.
metadata = {'foo': 'bar', 'foobar': 'baz', 'title': 'foobar', }
page = Page(TEST_CONTENT, metadata=metadata)
for key, value in metadata.items():
self.assertTrue(hasattr(page, key))
self.assertEqual(value, getattr(page, key))
self.assertEqual(page.content, TEST_CONTENT)
def test_mandatory_properties(self):
"""If the title is not set, must throw an exception."""
self.assertRaises(AttributeError, Page, 'content')
page = Page(**self.page_kwargs)
def test_summary_from_metadata(self):
"""If a :summary: metadata is given, it should be used."""
page = Page(**self.page_kwargs)
self.assertEqual(page.summary, TEST_SUMMARY)
def test_slug(self):
"""If a title is given, it should be used to generate the slug."""
page = Page(**self.page_kwargs)
self.assertEqual(page.slug, 'foo-bar')
def test_defaultlang(self):
"""If no lang is given, default to the default one."""
page = Page(**self.page_kwargs)
self.assertEqual(page.lang, _DEFAULT_CONFIG['DEFAULT_LANG'])
# it is possible to specify the lang in the metadata infos
self.page_kwargs['metadata'].update({'lang': 'fr', })
page = Page(**self.page_kwargs)
self.assertEqual(page.lang, 'fr')
def test_save_as(self):
"""If a lang is not the default lang, save_as should be set
# if a title is defined, save_as should be set
page = Page(**self.page_kwargs)
self.assertEqual(page.save_as, "pages/foo-bar.html")
# if a language is defined, save_as should include it accordingly
self.page_kwargs['metadata'].update({'lang': 'fr', })
page = Page(**self.page_kwargs)
self.assertEqual(page.save_as, "pages/foo-bar-fr.html")
def test_datetime(self):
"""If DATETIME is set to a tuple, it should be used to override LOCALE
from datetime import datetime
from sys import platform
dt = datetime(2015, 9, 13)
# make a deep copy of page_kawgs
page_kwargs = dict([(key, self.page_kwargs[key]) for key in
for key in page_kwargs:
if not isinstance(page_kwargs[key], dict):
page_kwargs[key] = dict([(subkey, page_kwargs[key][subkey])
for subkey in page_kwargs[key]])
# set its date to dt
page_kwargs['metadata']['date'] = dt
page = Page(**page_kwargs)
page_kwargs['settings'] = dict([(x, _DEFAULT_CONFIG[x]) for x in
# I doubt this can work on all platforms ...
if platform == "win32":
locale = 'jpn'
locale = 'ja_JP.utf8'
page_kwargs['settings']['DATE_FORMATS'] = {'jp': (locale,
page_kwargs['metadata']['lang'] = 'jp'
import locale as locale_module
page = Page(**page_kwargs)
self.assertEqual(page.locale_date, u'2015-09-13(\u65e5)')
except locale_module.Error:
# The constructor of ``Page`` will try to set the locale to
# ``ja_JP.utf8``. But this attempt will failed when there is no
# such locale in the system. You can see which locales there are
# in your system with ``locale -a`` command.
# Until we find some other method to test this functionality, we
# will simply skip this test.
unittest.skip("There is no locale %s in this system." % locale)
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