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#Web Project Guide


Welcome to the Web Project Guide.

A full-fledged web project is a vast collection of different aspects, options, features and best practices that correlates web design, user experience design, programming logic, networking, quality and security. And probably some more that I'm forgetting. That's why this project exists.

This guide pretends to be a comprehensive list of aspects to consider when developing a web project but not to go deep into explanations and details. There is lot of information about each aspect in the internet.

Think of this guide as a list of things you have to take option or care when developing a web project.

You can use this guide as a starting point to your (or your client) project design.

Also, this guide is a work in progress and, I guess, it will always be.



Discussion (as issues) and contributions (as pull requests) to this guide are welcome and appreciated. For pull requests, please keep the same type of brief text as you encounter here, and no more than 2 levels of indentation. I reserve the right to reject contributions that do not fully address this guide goals. Contributions with mentions to brands or products (even open-source or free) will be rejected.


The Web Project Guide does not endorse or is affiliated with any brand or company.


Creative Commons License
Web Project Guide by José Proença is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The Web Project Guide pretends to be a comprehensive list of aspects to consider when developing a web project.







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