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ST599 - Computing and Analysis of Big Data

Main File Directory

***Subdirectories have separate index files

Completed project files

Pres3Letters.pdf: Presentation

LetterClassificationTrees.pdf: Final project report file

Code files

colorTablesLog.R: Code to create heatmap confusion matrices

kitadahLogisticBST: LRBST final code


bagConfuse.pdf: Heatmap confusion matrix for bagging

bagErr.pdf: Bagging error vs iterations plot

bagPlot.pdf: Bagging success probability bar

cartConfuse.pdf: Heatmap confusion matrix for CART

cpPlot.pdf: Full tree complexity param plot

firstStep.pdf through sixthStep.pdf: - Dendogram animated graphic

FullCT.pdf: Full CART model

hkColorMisSpec.pdf: Heatmap misspecification matrix for LRBST

hkMiss.pdf: LRBST success probability bar

hkPercent.pdf: Heatmap misspecification matrix for LRBST

letterDendrogram.pdf: Initial dendrogram plot

letterDistortion.pdf: Letter distortion types example

magGlass.pdf: CART full tree magnification plot

quests.pdf: Sesame Street related question graphic

TeX files

Pres3Letters.tex: Presentation in LaTeX form

Data files

bst_all.csv: Related data file for dendrogram graphics

bst_new.csv: Related data file for dendrogram graphics

bst_out.csv: Related data file for dendrogram graphics

learn.BST.csv: Matrix to describe how LRBST traverses

Obsolete files

bagError.pdf: Bagging error, truncated legend - unused

kitadahExplorePlots: Initial exploratory graphics for Heather's dendrogram

Deliverable.docx: Word file of project report


For files pertaining to the 3rd group project for ST599




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