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Deep Equilibrium Models [NeurIPS'19]

Jax Implementation for the deep equilibrium (DEQ) model, an implicit-depth architecture proposed in the paper Deep Equilibrium Models by Shaojie Bai, J. Zico Kolter and Vladlen Koltun.

Unlike many existing "deep" techniques, the DEQ model is a implicit-depth architecture that directly solves for and backpropagates through the equilibrium state of an (effectively) infinitely deep network.

Major Components

This repo provides the following re-usable components:

  1. JAX implementation of the Broyden's method, a quasi-Newton method for finding roots in k variables. This method is JIT-able
  2. JAX implementation DEQ model (custom backwards method) for Haiku pure functions
  3. Haiku implementation of the Transformer with input injections


All DEQ instantiations share the same underlying framework, whose core functionalities are provided in src/modules. In particular, provides the Jax functions that solves for the roots in forward and backward passes. provides an implementation of the Broyden's method.

import haiku as hk
import jax
import jax.numpy as jnp
from jax import value_and_grad

from deq_jax.src.modules.deq import deq

def build_forward(output_size, max_iter):
   def forward_fn(x: jnp.ndarray, is_training: bool) -> jnp.ndarray:
       # create original layers and transform them 
       network = hk.Linear(output_size, name='l1')
       transformed_net = hk.transform(network)

       # lift params
       inner_params = hk.experimental.lift(
           transformed_net.init)(hk.next_rng_key(), x)
       # apply deq to functions of form f(params, rng, z, *args)
       z = deq(inner_params, hk.next_rng_key(), x, transformed_net.apply, max_iter)

       return hk.Linear(output_size)(z)
   return forward_fn

input = jnp.ones((1, 2, 3))
rng = jax.random.PRNGKey(42)
forward_fn = build_forward(3, 10)
forward_fn = hk.transform(forward_fn)
params = forward_fn.init(rng, input)

def loss_fn(params, rng, x):
   h = forward_fn.apply(params, rng, x)
   return jnp.sum(h)

value, grad = value_and_grad(loss_fn)(params, rng, jnp.ones((1, 2, 3)))

For more details on running the Transformer example look into model/


DEQ relies on Python >= 3.6 and Haiku >= 0.0.2.

First, follow these instructions to install JAX with the relevant accelerator support.

Then, install Haiku using pip:

$ pip install git+

To run the transformer, you will need additional libraries used by Haiku's example.

$ pip install tensorflow_datasets tensorflow optax

To run tests, use pytest:

$ pip install pytest
$ python -m pytest test/


The repo takes direct inspiration from the original implementation by Shaojie in Torch. The transformer module is modified from a example provided by Haiku.


[NeurIPS'19] Deep Equilibrium Models Jax Implementation







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