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Simulation of an Airhockey club - including real time matches across the internet
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Airhockey is a simulation of an airhockey club, the core of which is a airhockey table and match. The whole is surrounded by a ladder system allowing players to meet other players and initiate matches.

A video which explains all this is available on YouTube at

The software is currently configured to use mootools 1.5. It is also configured to use a templating system so that it can sit within an existing site and look like it. Details can be seen by examining the code.

It also uses the SMF forum to find out details of the player, but it should be trivial to use other similar login systems to identify the players.

I am particularly proud of the high speed system for keeping the players up to date. It seems to work quite well on most linux hosting systems (using apache or nginx/php-fpm) where it relies on named pipes for communication between the players.

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