Python package implementing the 1D blood flow equations using the Lax-Wendroff method.
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An implementation of finite difference methods (FDM) to solve partial differential equations (PDE).

The first method to be implemented is Richtmyer's 2 step Lax-Wendroff method.

This is the README file for the project.

Journal paper

A paper on the VaMpy Python package has been published in the Journal of Open Research Software. Whenever using VaMpy for your research, please cite it as

Diem AK, Bressloff NW (2017) VaMpy: A Python Package to Solve 1D Blood Flow Problems. Journal of Open Research Software 5: 17,


The package is available on Github. To clone the package run

git clone

To ensure all package dependencies are met it is easiest to set up a new Anaconda environment for VaMpy. This step is optional. The file vampy.yml can be used for this by calling

conda env create -f vampy.yml
source activate vampy

The first command creates the Anaconda environment vampy which contains all required packages, whilst the second command sets the current terminal to use this environment. To install VaMpy run

python install

Running the example files

To execute one of the example files run

python bifurcation.cfg

To plot the data created from the example run

python bifurcation.cfg

Issues fixed and features added since latest release

Module Documentation

The module documentation can be found on

Artery setup walkthrough

The module documentation also contains a section on setting up an artery simulation, explaining parameters in the configuration file and code used to set up a simulation.