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A drop-in-ready framework that helps in almost every aspect of PDF-rendering on iOS.
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PSPDFKit - A drop-in-ready framework that helps in almost every aspect of PDF-rendering on iOS

PSPDFKit is a heavily optimized framework for displaying PDF files with horizontal scrolling.
It is fast, flexible, has intelligent caching and renders pages usually faster than iBooks.

Amazingly easy to use and impressive PDF performance - closest thing to iBooks so far. -- Martin Reichart, iOS Developer

If you just need a Quick'n'Dirty way to display PDF, use Apple's QuickLook. (Example included)
If you need something faster, with more control, thumbnails, search, etc - PSPDFKit is for you.

PSPDFKit is fully compatible with iPhone/iPad on iOS4 and iOS5, works with classical retain/release or ARC.

Check out the homepage for a screencast, purchase informations and the full feature list

You can purchase a license and the full source code at



  • Page-curl support like in iBooks
  • Multimedia annotations support (using link annotations and the pspdfkit:// url scheme. Video, audio and web browser support
  • Single or double page view support, including automatic mode that changes on landscape switch.
  • Multimedia Annotations (link annotations that start with pspdfkit://, supporting video, audio and web pages)
  • PDF Outline/Table Of Contents parsing & display.
  • Annotations support (Page Links, Web Links).
  • Optional setting to show first page in single mode, everything else in two pages. (magazine style)
  • Beautiful side page sliding, with shadow & gap between pages.
  • Pinch to Zoom / Double Tap to to zoom in and out.
  • Tap right for next page, Tap left for previous page.
  • HUD that shows/hides on tap.
  • Fast Thumbnail extraction, grid display and caching.
  • Want even more speed? Preprocessed Thumbnails can be provided, per document setting.
  • Intelligent caching features - you control how much should be cached.
  • Automatic page sizing via PDF crop-box metadata. Multiple aspect-ratios per document supported.
  • PDF text extraction for full text search.
  • Delegates to fine-control pdf display, with callbacks for custom overlays.
  • Logical PDF container, lets you combine multiple PDFs into one big pdf.
  • Fully customizable interface: You can disable features like search, thumbnails or the whole HUD and replace it with your own.
  • Highly Multi-Threaded. Grand Central Dispatch is used throughout the framework to ensure maximum speed, and use every core available.


This is example code to show you the features of PSPDFKit.
You need a license if you want to distribute this within your application, see for details.

Click here to purchase a commercial license with full source code

PSPDFKit uses 3rd-party code, see ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for contributions.


Kiosk Example Grid view of example kiosk app.

Dual Page Mode Dual Page mode.

Thumbnails Thumbnail Grid.

Single Page Single Page View.

Single Page Scrolling Single Page View while scrolling. (Shadow, Gap)

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