Multiple UITableViews in a UIScrollView
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#PanelTableView for iOS Creates a UIViewController with multiple UITableView in a UIScrollView


  • recycle views efficiently
  • save/restore table offsets for different panels
  • delegate and datasource similar to that of UITableView
  • PanelIndexPath behaves like IndexPath, but with an additional parameter, page


  1. Drag required files to your XCode Project

    PanelIndexPath.h & PanelIndexPath.m PanelView.h & PanelView.m PanelsViewController.h & PanelsViewController.m

  2. Create a UIViewController that subclasses PanelsViewController

  3. PanelsViewController contains a set of delegate/datasource methods that should be overridden in the subclass

Specifies the number of panels to create, similar to numberOfSectionsInTableView:

- (NSInteger)numberOfPanels

Specifies the number of rows in a particular page, at a particular section, similar to tableView:numberOfRowsInSection:

- (NSInteger)panelView:(PanelView *)panelView numberOfRowsInPage:(NSInteger)page section:(NSInteger)section

Similar to tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath:

- (UITableViewCell *)panelView:(PanelView *)panelView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(PanelIndexPath *)indexPath

Create the panel. to create custom panels, subclass PanelView

- (PanelView *)panelForPage:(NSInteger)page

Similar to tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath:

- (void)panelView:(PanelView *)panelView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(PanelIndexPath *)indexPath