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GCCalendar is covered by the MIT License

How to use:

  • Drag the GCCalendar folder from this project into the top level of your Xcode project tree. Make sure "copy itemsÉ" and "recursively createÉ" are selected.
  • Import the GCCalendar.h header file anywhere you would like to use the calendar API.
  • Implement the GCCalendarDataSource and GCCalendarDelegate protocol and place the required method in the class creating the calendar view.

Changes (v1.1):

  • added 'hasAddButton' property to the calendar portrait view. Setting this to YES causes an add button to be in the nav bar of the calendar view
  • calendar data sources and deleegates are now set per calendar view and not at a singleton level
  • GCCalendarDelegate now has functions for handling calendar tile selection and adding a new event Known Issues (v1.1):
  • events with start and end time on different days may behave unexpectedly
  • touch events on calendar tiles don't reflect the touch in the user interface
  • events that overlap may behave unexpectedly

Known issues (v1.0):

  • Events that have start and end dates not on the same day may behave unexpectedly.
  • Touches on the calendar tiles do not reflect the touch in the user interface.
  • The body of calendarTileTouch: in GCCalendarPortraitView is intended to let the developer push a detailed event view onto the navigation stack, currently no such view exists