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[INTERNAL PROJECT] Akeeba Subscriptions
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Akeeba Subscriptions 7

A subscriptions management component tailored for the needs of Akeeba Ltd's site.

Internal project - No support

This component is written specifically for our business site. It is NOT a generic component. It will NOT work on your site.

We do not provide any support for it whatsoever.

We do not accept any issues or pull requests on our GitHub repository for this project.

But I was using this on my site!

We discontinued Akeeba Subscriptions as a commercial extension back in November 2013. That was 5 1/2 years before version 7.

We made it clear since Akeeba Subscriptions 5 (February 2016) that we consider it an internal project and we will be gradually removing any features we are not using. We stopped listing it on our site at the same time. That was a bit over 3 years before version 7.

We said that you must urgently move to a different subscriptions component since version 6 (February 2018). That was more than a year before version 7.

There was quite a lot of fair warning that this would happen. Well, it eventually happened.

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