A real two Factor Authentication solution for Joomla!
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Akeeba LoginGuard

A real Two Step Verification system for Joomla!

What does it do?

This solution adds a Two Step Verification for Joomla! login. After logging in with just your name and password you are asked to provide your second step verification, e.g. a code generated by Google Authenticator. Until you provide a correct second step verification you will not be able to access any pages on the site. You will always be redirected to the "captive login" page. This is very much like what Google does when you try to login to GMail.

For more information and documentation for administrators, users and developers please consult the documentation Wiki.


Pre-built packages of Akeeba LoginGuard are available through our GitHub repository's Releases page.

Akeeba LoginGuard comes with English (Great Britain) language built-in. We do not offer official translations in any other language nor do we accept pull requests for language files. You are free to provide free of charge translations for your own language, licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license, the same license the original files are licensed under.

No support - For developers only

This software is provided WITHOUT ANY KIND OF END USER SUPPORT. You are free to consult consult the documentation Wiki.

If you are a developer you are free to submit a pull request with your code fix, as long as there is a clear description of what was not working for you, why and how you fixed it.


In order to build the installation packages of this component you will need to have the following tools:

  • A command line environment. Using Bash under Linux / Mac OS X works best. On Windows you will need to run most tools through an elevated privileges (administrator) command prompt on an NTFS filesystem due to the use of symlinks. Press WIN-X and click on "Command Prompt (Admin)" to launch an elevated command prompt.
  • A PHP CLI binary in your path
  • Command line Git executables
  • Phing
  • (Optional) libxml and libsxlt command-line tools, only if you intend on building the documentation PDF files

You will also need the following path structure inside a folder on your system

You will need to use the exact folder names specified here.

Building a dev release

Go inside loginguard/build and run phing git -Dversion=0.0.1.a1 to create a development release. The installable Joomla! ZIP package file is output in the loginguard/release directory.

If you want to build a release with development versions of FOF and FEF you will need to do some preparatory work. This is NOT RECOMMENDED for most people. Development builds of FOF and FEF may affect how other Akeeba and / or third party software work on your site. As a result you MUST NOT distribute these packages or use them on a production site. The steps you need to do are (from the main directory where you checked out all the other repositories):

pushd fof/build
phing git
pushd fef/build
phing compile
pushd loginguard/build
phing git 

This will create a dev release ZIP package in loginguard/release.