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Akeneo Onboarder Help center

This repository holds the sources for the Onboarder help center, made by hand with love.

Install/preview the help center

Install Docker Engine

Build with docker

/!\ Mac OS specific /!\ Docker bind-mounts files and folder using the user and group IDs of your container, not those of you host like on Linux. To have a working environment, export the following environment variable

$ make build

This is only building the documentation. The documentation is not available with this command, as it does not launch the HTTP server.

Build and launch HTTP server with docker

$ make watch

The help center website is then available on http://localhost:8000/onboarder/. Files located in the content and src directories are watched for changes, so when developing or writing new articles you do not need to launch any other task.


Once you merge a PR into the master branch, it is automatically deployed on the staging server. You have nothing to do.

Then, you can check that your changes have been correctly applied.

If everything went as expected, you can deploy on the production server by following the next steps:

look at the latest merge in master and click on deployment.

List of merged PR in master

Then click on wait_for_user_approval.


Last, click on Approve.

Approve the job


In case you want to redeploy the Onboarder documentation, look at the latest merge in master and click on deployment.

List of merged PR in master

/!\ You have to Approve or Cancel the wait_for_approval step before running the job again /!\

Then click on Rerun.

Re run a deployment

Documentation contribution

It's right here.