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Akeneo PIM development repository
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Akeneo PIM Application

Welcome to Akeneo PIM Product.

This repository is used to develop the Akeneo PIM product. Practically, it means the Akeneo PIM bundles are present in the src/ directory.

If you want to create a new PIM project based on Akeneo PIM, please use

If you want to contribute to the Akeneo PIM (and we will be pleased if you do!), you can fork this repository and submit a pull request.

Master 1.3 1.2
Build status Build status Build status

Scrutinizer Quality Score



  • PHP 5.4.* above 5.4.4
  • PHP Modules:
    • php5-curl
    • php5-gd
    • php5-intl
    • php5-mysql
    • php5-mcrypt
    • php-apc for PHP 5.4 (opcode and data cache)
    • php5-apcu for PHP 5.5 (for data cache, as opcode cache usually included)
  • PHP memory_limit at least at 256 MB on Apache side and 728 MB on CLI side (needed for installation, can be lowered to 512MB after installation for PHP-CLI)
  • MySQL 5.1 or above
  • Apache mod rewrite enabled

Web browsers

  • tested: Chrome & Firefox
  • should work: IE 10, Safari
  • will not work: IE < 10

Installation instructions

To install Akeneo PIM for a PIM project or for evaluation, please follow:

The following installation overview is for contributing to Akeneo PIM, not for project purpose.

Installation overview

  • Make sure all requirements are fullfilled
  • Install files and DB content:
    $ curl -s | php
    $ git clone
    $ cd pim-community-dev
    $ php ../composer.phar install
    $ php app/console pim:install --env=dev
    $ php app/console cache:clear --env=dev
  • Create a VirtualHost pointing to your pim-community-dev/web directory and a matching hostname
  • Go to http:///app_dev.php to access your dev environment

Note: using the "--prefer-dist" option on composer install can speed up the installation by looking into your local Composer cache.

Note: The pim:install command can be executed several times. You just have to use the --force option. If you want to reinit your db or redeploy your assets, you can launch specific installer commands: pim:installer:db and pim:installer:assets. By default, this script initializes the dev environment.

Add translation packs (optional)

You can download translation packs from crowdin:

The Akeneo PIM archive contains a 'Community' directory.

To add a pack you have to :

  • rename the directories by following the rule 'src/Pim/Bundle/EnrichBundle' to 'PimEnrichBundle'
  • move those directories to app/Resources/translations
  • run php app/console oro:translation:dump fr de en (if you use en, fr and de locales)

To use a pack :

  • go to System > Configuration and select your language

Write permission for the HTTP server

You must give write permission to the Apache user on the following directories:

  • app/cache
  • app/logs
  • app/entities
  • app/emails
  • web/bundles
  • app/uploads/product
  • app/archive
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