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Akeneo PIM Help center

This repository holds the sources for our help center, made by hand with love.

Install/preview the help center

Install Docker Engine

Build with docker

make build

This is only building the documentation. The documentation is not available with this command, as it does not launch the HTTP server.

Build and launch HTTP server with docker

make watch

The help center website is then available on http://localhost:8000/pim/serenity/. Files located in the content and src directories are watched for changes, so when developing or writing new articles you do not need to launch any other task.

Deployment of the Serenity version


Master branch is the Serenity version.

Once you merge a PR into the master branch, it is automatically deployed on the production server. You have nothing to do.


In case you want to re deploy the Serenity documentation, look at the latest merge in master and click on Deployment.

List of merged PR in master

Then click on Rerun.

Re run a deployment

Dropdown to choose the documentation version

The dropdown to choose the version of the documentation is configured from a single file for every branches. The configuration of this dropdown is done in this file. Only the configuration file src/versions.json of the master branch is deployed.

When you create a new branch from master, such as v5, don't forget to remove the deployment of this configuration file in the v5 version. It is just one line to remove in the deploy step of the Makefile.

Create a branch for a new major version

When you want to create a new major branch from the master branch, you have some modifications to do. Actually, all these operations have already been done to create the branch v4 from the master branch in this PR:
You have to do the same to make it work correctly.
Note that this PR makes some changes in the navigation menu to switch versions (in the following files: src/partials/navbar-with-search.handlebars and src/index.handlebars). We changed this navigation menu since so it's normal if the handlebars changed a bit. You'll still have to update the version name inside it.

In this PR, we forgot to update the solution name to reduce Algolia's search to the version the user is browsing. You'll find an example of the lines you'll need to change in the following PR: For example, replace pimSerenity by pimv5 if you are creating the v5 new major.

Documentation contribution

It's right here.


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