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+#!/usr/bin/env python
+""" iView CGI script
+ This is a script that you can place within your cgi-bin directory to allow
+ you to download iView videos via HTTP. This is a fairly useless feature
+ by itself, but very handy if you are trying to integrate iView with a
+ system that needs to or prefers to download via HTTP.
+ Usage:
+ - place script in /usr/lib/cgi-bin or wherever your cgi-bin is
+ - request a video via HTTP:
+ $ wget http://localhost/cgi-bin/iview.cgi/730report_10_01_01.flv
+ - enjoy!
+ Note: if there is one thing going to go wrong with this script, it will be
+ that it can't find the iview include module. Make sure that either the
+ iview module is installed to the system (preferred), or the iview/
+ directory is also under cgi-bin.
+ Also, if there's the slightest chance somebody will be able to access this
+ script from a public address, it's probably a good idea to configure
+ your web server to restrict access to this script by IP address. Unless,
+ of course, you want your web server acting as an iView proxy, chewing up
+ bandwidth, violating copyright, getting your server taken down, etc.
+import os
+import sys
+import iview.comm
+import iview.fetch
+ url = os.environ['PATH_INFO'].split('/')[-1].split(' ')[0]
+except KeyError:
+ url = None
+# The above split(' ')[0] is called being paranoid about parameter injection.
+# Yes, iview.fetch doesn't call the shell (it uses execvp()), but you never
+# know how people are going to zombify this script. If iView ever starts using
+# spaces, I'll update this script.
+if url is None or len(url) <= 0:
+ print 'Content-type: text/plain\r'
+ print ''
+ print """iView CGI script
+To use this script, specify the video filename as a subdirectory of this script.
+For example:
+ print 'http://' + os.environ['HTTP_HOST'] + os.environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] + '/730report_10_01_01.flv'
+ sys.exit(0)
+print 'Content-type: video/x-flv\r'
+print '\r'
+sys.stdout.flush() # If this isn't included, Apache doesn't see our headers and
+ # interprets rtmpdump output as HTTP headers.
+iview.fetch.fetch_program(url, execvp=True, dest_file='-')

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