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#pragma once
namespace forms2{
ref class Form1;
ref class ImageData;
class CameraSettings;
using namespace System;
using namespace System::Collections::Generic;
using namespace DataStructures;
public ref class CameraThread
CameraThread(Form1^ f, String^ path){init(f,path);}
void initCamera();
bool acquire(int layers, bool runLoop);
void stop();
void interrupt(bool callback);
bool openCameraDialog();
bool isRunning();
void setPath(String^ path);
void setSave(bool saveFiles);
void setNextTime(DateTime nexttime);
void setSeqVars(LinkedList<Variable^>^ vars);
delegate void DelegateInt(int value);
delegate void DelegateVoid();
delegate void DelegateImg(ImageData^ img);
DelegateInt^ setLayersReadMainWindow;
DelegateVoid^ loopFinishedMainWindow;
DelegateImg^ setImgMainWindow;
Form1^ mainForm;
bool continueImageLoop;
bool interruptImageLoop;
bool callBack;
String^ filePath;
String^ continueLock;
String^ interruptLock;
bool running;
bool cameraInited;
bool save;
CameraSettings* camSet;
DateTime nextTime;
LinkedList<Variable^>^ seqVars;
static DateTime NO_TIME = DateTime(1,1,1);
void init(Form1^ f, String^ path);
void closeCamera();
bool getContinue();
void setContinue(bool c);
bool getInterrupt();
void setInterrupt(bool c);
void takeImages(Object^ layersObj);
void finishedRunning();
void readLayers(int layersRead);
void gotImage(ImageData^ img);
void saveImage(ImageData^ img);//UInt16 rows, UInt16 cols, UInt16 lays, UInt16 *buf);
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