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Data integration scripts

A collection of scripts (mainly Bash, Awk, and SQL) to document and automate the integration of data resources for this project.

In general, each stage of resource conversion and/or integration is achieved via scripts in a separate directory. The main work is performed by a well-commented script named (or README.sql) that doubles as documentation. The top-level script is in this directory; this script will run all the others. (I thought about using Makefiles rather than Bash scripts, but the syntax of Bash scripts is easier, and few -- if anyone -- will be editing and rebuilding parts of the whole build-tree.)

Many steps in this integration process require manual intervention. The automated scripts leave these steps out, substituting in a pre-calculated files. The user is alerted to these manual phases as the scripts run, and the manual steps can be uncommented-out.


  • ALA: The ALA Herbarium checklist
  • ACCS: The ACCS Alaska checklist
  • PAF: The Panarctic Flora checklist
  • FNA: The Flora of North America
  • WCSP: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (via The Plant List)


To run all the scripts as they are written, the following set-up is required,

  • bash
  • gawk (> v.4.2) with gawkextlib, and aregex and json extensions
  • matchnames
  • xqilla
  • curl
  • mysqld and mysql client, with an account than can create DBs
  • iconv
  • gzip

Environment variables

  • Executable programs must be findable via $PATH
  • Gawk binary libraries must be findable via $AWKLIBPATH
  • Gawk scripts libraries must be findable via $AWKPATH
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