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Version 2.0.1
Released 2011-03-31
* Bug fixes:
- Replace a few `malloc()` and `free()` calls with their
counterparts that support custom memory management.
- Fix object key hashing in json_unpack() strict checking mode.
- Fix the parentheses in JANSSON_VERSION_HEX macro.
- Fix `json_object_size()` return value.
- Fix a few compilation issues.
* Portability:
- Enhance portability of `va_copy()`.
- Test framework portability enhancements.
* Documentation:
- Distribute ``doc/upgrading.rst`` with the source tarball.
- Build documentation in strict mode in ``make distcheck``.
Version 2.0
Released 2011-02-28
This release is backwards incompatible with the 1.x release series.
See the chapter "Upgrading from older versions" in documentation for
* Backwards incompatible changes:
- Unify unsigned integer usage in the API: All occurences of
unsigned int and unsigned long have been replaced with size_t.
- Change JSON integer's underlying type to the widest signed integer
type available, i.e. long long if it's supported, otherwise long.
Add a typedef json_int_t that defines the type.
- Change the maximum indentation depth to 31 spaces in encoder. This
frees up bits from the flags parameter of encoding functions
`json_dumpf()`, `json_dumps()` and `json_dump_file()`.
- For future needs, add a flags parameter to all decoding functions
`json_loadf()`, `json_loads()` and `json_load_file()`.
* New features
- `json_pack()`, `json_pack_ex()`, `json_vpack_ex()`: Create JSON
values based on a format string.
- `json_unpack()`, `json_unpack_ex()`, `json_vunpack_ex()`: Simple
value extraction and validation functionality based on a format
- Add column, position and source fields to the ``json_error_t``
- Enhance error reporting in the decoder.
- ``JANSSON_VERSION`` et al.: Preprocessor constants that define the
library version.
- `json_set_alloc_funcs()`: Set custom memory allocation functions.
* Fix many portability issues, especially on Windows.
* Configuration
- Add file ``jansson_config.h`` that contains site specific
configuration. It's created automatically by the configure script,
or can be created by hand if the configure script cannot be used.
The file ``jansson_config.h.win32`` can be used without
modifications on Windows systems.
- Add a section to documentation describing how to build Jansson on
- Documentation now requires Sphinx 1.0 or newer.
Version 1.3
Released 2010-06-13
* New functions:
- `json_object_iter_set()`, `json_object_iter_set_new()`: Change
object contents while iterating over it.
- `json_object_iter_at()`: Return an iterator that points to a
specific object item.
* New encoding flags:
- ``JSON_PRESERVE_ORDER``: Preserve the insertion order of object
* Bug fixes:
- Fix an error that occured when an array or object was first
encoded as empty, then populated with some data, and then
- Fix the situation like above, but when the first encoding resulted
in an error
* Documentation:
- Clarify the documentation on reference stealing, providing an
example usage pattern
Version 1.2.1
Released 2010-04-03
* Bug fixes:
- Fix reference counting on ``true``, ``false`` and ``null``
- Estimate real number underflows in decoder with 0.0 instead of
issuing an error
* Portability:
- Make ``int32_t`` available on all systems
- Support compilers that don't have the ``inline`` keyword
- Require Autoconf 2.60 (for ``int32_t``)
* Tests:
- Print test names correctly when ``VERBOSE=1``
- ``test/suites/api``: Fail when a test fails
- Enhance tests for iterators
- Enhance tests for decoding texts that contain null bytes
* Documentation:
- Don't remove ``changes.rst`` in ``make clean``
- Add a chapter on RFC conformance
Version 1.2
Released 2010-01-21
* New functions:
- `json_equal()`: Test whether two JSON values are equal
- `json_copy()` and `json_deep_copy()`: Make shallow and deep copies
of JSON values
- Add a version of all functions taking a string argument that
doesn't check for valid UTF-8: `json_string_nocheck()`,
`json_string_set_nocheck()`, `json_object_set_nocheck()`,
* New encoding flags:
- ``JSON_SORT_KEYS``: Sort objects by key
- ``JSON_ENSURE_ASCII``: Escape all non-ASCII Unicode characters
- ``JSON_COMPACT``: Use a compact representation with all unneeded
whitespace stripped
* Bug fixes:
- Revise and unify whitespace usage in encoder: Add spaces between
array and object items, never append newline to output.
- Remove const qualifier from the ``json_t`` parameter in
`json_string_set()`, `json_integer_set()` and `json_real_set`.
- Use ``int32_t`` internally for representing Unicode code points
(int is not enough on all platforms)
* Other changes:
- Convert ``CHANGES`` (this file) to reStructured text and add it to
HTML documentation
- The test system has been refactored. Python is no longer required
to run the tests.
- Documentation can now be built by invoking ``make html``
- Support for pkg-config
Version 1.1.3
Released 2009-12-18
* Encode reals correctly, so that first encoding and then decoding a
real always produces the same value
* Don't export private symbols in ````
Version 1.1.2
Released 2009-11-08
* Fix a bug where an error message was not produced if the input file
could not be opened in `json_load_file()`
* Fix an assertion failure in decoder caused by a minus sign without a
digit after it
* Remove an unneeded include of ``stdint.h`` in ``jansson.h``
Version 1.1.1
Released 2009-10-26
* All documentation files were not distributed with v1.1; build
documentation in make distcheck to prevent this in the future
* Fix v1.1 release date in ``CHANGES``
Version 1.1
Released 2009-10-20
* API additions and improvements:
- Extend array and object APIs
- Add functions to modify integer, real and string values
- Improve argument validation
- Use unsigned int instead of ``uint32_t`` for encoding flags
* Enhance documentation
- Add getting started guide and tutorial
- Fix some typos
- General clarifications and cleanup
* Check for integer and real overflows and underflows in decoder
* Make singleton values thread-safe (``true``, ``false`` and ``null``)
* Enhance circular reference handling
* Don't define ``-std=c99`` in ``AM_CFLAGS``
* Add C++ guards to ``jansson.h``
* Minor performance and portability improvements
* Expand test coverage
Version 1.0.4
Released 2009-10-11
* Relax Autoconf version requirement to 2.59
* Make Jansson compile on platforms where plain ``char`` is unsigned
* Fix API tests for object
Version 1.0.3
Released 2009-09-14
* Check for integer and real overflows and underflows in decoder
* Use the Python json module for tests, or simplejson if the json
module is not found
* Distribute changelog (this file)
Version 1.0.2
Released 2009-09-08
* Handle EOF correctly in decoder
Version 1.0.1
Released 2009-09-04
* Fixed broken `json_is_boolean()`
Version 1.0
Released 2009-08-25
* Initial release
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