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# Use this script to easily make releases of Jansson. It configures
# the source tree, and builds and signs all tarballs.
die() {
echo $1 >&2
exit 1
confirm() {
local answer
read -p "$1 [yN]: " answer
[ "$answer" = "Y" -o "$answer" = "y" ] || exit 0
set -e
[ -f ] || die "Must be run at project root directory"
# Determine version
v=$(grep AC_INIT | sed -r 's/.*, \[(.+?)\],.*/\1/')
[ -n "$v" ] || die "Unable to determine version"
confirm "Version is $v, proceed?"
# Sanity checks
vi=$(grep version-info src/ | sed 's/^[ \t]*//g' | cut -d" " -f2)
confirm "Libtool version-info is $vi, proceed?"
r=$(grep 'Released ' CHANGES | head -n 1)
confirm "Last CHANGES entry says \"$r\", proceed??"
dv=$(grep ^version doc/ | sed -r "s/.*'(.*)'.*/\1/")
if [ "$dv" != "$v" ]; then
die "Documentation version ($dv) doesn't match library version"
[ -f Makefile ] && make distclean || true
rm -f jansson-$v.tar.*
rm -rf jansson-$v-doc
rm -f jansson-$v-doc.tar.*
autoreconf -fi
# Run tests and make gz source tarball
: ${VALGRIND:=1}
make distcheck
# Make bzip2 source tarball
make dist-bzip2
# Sign source tarballs
for s in gz bz2; do
gpg --detach-sign --armor jansson-$v.tar.$s
# Build documentation
make html
mv doc/_build/html jansson-$v-doc
# Make and sign documentation tarballs
for s in gz bz2; do
tar czf jansson-$v-doc.tar.$s jansson-$v-doc
gpg --detach-sign --armor jansson-$v-doc.tar.$s
echo "All done"
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