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Always Be Learning

Lifelong Learning.


Current Course(s): Modern React With Redux

Date Finished Activity Link to Notes
05-01-2018 Course Try Git
13-01-2018 Course How to Use Git and Github
12-02-2018 Course Learn to Code HTML & CSS
19-02-2018 Book You Don't Know JS: Up & Going
08-02-2018 Course Learning How to Learn
Stalled Course Programming for the Web with JavaScript
19-08-2018 Book You Don't Know JS: Scope & Closures
26-02-2018 Course Pratical Javascript
08-03-2018 Blog Post Understanding Javascript Hoisting
17-07-2018 Course ES6 - Javascript Improved
24-08-2018 Course Javascript 30
WIP Course CS50 - Introduction to Computer Science
11-08-2018 Course Learn SQL
04-08-2018 Project Random Quotes Generator
05-08-2018 Blog Post Counting Dupes with Javascript Sets
03-09-2018 Course Learn Node
WIP Book Eloquent Javascript
29-08-2018 Course What The Flexbox?!
WIP Course The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)
09-2018 Code Along Fortunes API && Monsters API
09-2018 Code Along Todo API
10-2018 Code Along Indecision App
11-2018 Code Along Expensify
25-11-2018 Tutorial Node, Express, Postgres using Sequelize
WIP Tutorial Modern React With Redux


Work through these courses, read the books listed below, and frequently supplement with "project ideas" listed below.



Project Ideas

Wish List

Courses / Resources / Projects I'm 'eyeing'.


Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree Curriculum

Links to the free courses

Developer Tools

Databases with SQL & Python

Servers, Authorization, and CRUD

Deploying to Linux Servers

Extracurricular Material


Project ideas

  • Pick a template from [here], [here], or [here] and implement the frontend of a website with it as your inspiration (do not use its assets)
  • Complete any 5 projects from 100 Days of CSS.
  • Select an API from Todd Motto's API List and build a frontend-only application powered by data fetched from the API you chose.
  • Complete a CSS theme for CSS Zen Garden
  • Clone your favorite non-trivial website such as: Medium, Twitter, Slack, Netflix, Reddit.
  • Clone a video game such as: Breakout, Tetris, Pacman, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Final Fantasy.
  • Complete any project on The Odin Project or FreeCodeCamp.
  • Clone your favorite browser extension, or create one you wish existed.
  • Clone your favorite mobile app, or create one you wish existed.
  • Any project you want to build - the above are all just ideas for if you're stuck for an idea - really, just build what you want!