PySitemap.xml is a tool to create xml-sitemaps with python
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PySitemap.xml 0.1

PySitemap.xml is a tool to create xml-sitemaps with python.


  • Python 2
  • modules: httplib, lxml, argparse


You can run the /src/ in console to create a sitemap or you can import the module /src/core from your python-code:

Import as module

from PySitemap import *
s = Sitemap(domain="", onlyHtml=True, useRobots=True)
crawl(s, defaultChangeFreq="monthly", defaultPriority=0.5)
xml = createXml(s)
print xml

Usage in console

usage: PySitemap.xml [-h] [-f FIRSTURL] [-t] [-i] [-o] [-r] [-c] [-l] [-p]
					[--defaultChangeFreq DEFAULTCHANGEFREQ]
					[--defaultLastMod DEFAULTLASTMOD]
					[--defaultPriority DEFAULTPRIORITY] [-a] [-u] [-s SAVE]
					[--console] [--details]

positional arguments:
  Domain                Domain to create a sitemap

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FIRSTURL, --firstUrl FIRSTURL
		    First URL to call (default:'/')
  -t, --https           Use HTTPS and not HTTP
  -i, --ignoreArgs      Ignore HTTP-Arguments (e.g.:
  -o, --onlyHtml        Only add Pages with HTML-content to sitemap
  -r, --userobots       Read the robots.txt and only add allowed pages to
  -c, --useChangeFreq   Add a ChangeFreq to sitemap
  -l, --useLastMod      Add a LastMod to sitemap
  -p, --usePriority     Add a Priority to sitemap
  --defaultChangeFreq DEFAULTCHANGEFREQ
		    Default ChangeFreq
  --defaultLastMod DEFAULTLASTMOD                                                                                                                    
		    Default LastMod                                                                                                              
  --defaultPriority DEFAULTPRIORITY                                                                                                                  
		    Default Priority                                                                                                             
  -a, --autoPriority    Auto calculate the Priority                                                                                                  
  -u, --useServesLastMod                                                                                                                             
		    Use the serves's lastMod                                                                                                     
  -s SAVE, --save SAVE  Save the sitemap in a file                                                                                                   
  --console             Print the sitemap in a console                                                                                               
  --details             Show Download-Details