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Pwitter is a simple and elegant Twitter client for Mac, that is written in Cocoa. The application runs on only Leopard at the moment. It seems to run fine on Snow Leopard too.

List of features:

  • General Twitter actions (download status updates, post statuses, post replies, send direct messages)
  • All communications with Twitter server is encrypted using HTTPS
  • Elegant and eye candy user interface with beautiful animation using Core Animation technology
  • Ability to filter the status view with a keyword
  • Custom filter support
  • URL shortening support
  • Ability to receive replies from people you don’t follow
  • Ability to switch views between the normal view and the mini view
  • Automatic update with Sparkle
  • Growl notification support
  • Menubar icon
  • Ability to hide the dock icon

Application Graphics by:

Sound Effects by:

Version History:

1 October 2009: (Version 1.1.6):
Bug Fixed: Fixed the tweet duplicating
Bug Fixed: Fixed the strange crash

10 September 2009: (Version 1.1.5):
Bug Fixed: Visual glitch in 10.6
Improvement: Supported the tweet IDs larger than unsigned integer (now 64 bit signed integer)

21 June 2009: (Version 1.1.4):
Bug Fixed: Fixed the number issue when opening a tweet on browser

14 June 2009: (Version 1.1.3):
Bug Fixed: Mentions tweets duplication issue fixed

13 June 2009: (Version 1.1.2):
Bug Fixed: Issue with overflown unsigned 32bit integer fixed
Bug Fixed: Search field was selectable when hidden

30 April 2009: (Version 1.1.1):
Bug Fixed: Post duplication issue fix
Bug Fixed: Less initial API use
Bug Fixed: POST method has been deprecated due to Twitter API change
Bug Fixed: URL shortening service zi.ma is no longer available

4 March 2009: (Version 1.1):
Feature: Custom filter support
Feature: Added support for URL shortening services
Feature: Automatically expanding post field
Feature: Added an option to hide on deactivate
Feature: Added an option to change notification limit
Feature: Added an option to disable animation for performance improvement
Feature: Added an option to change the maximum tweets to display (reduce this if you are having a problem with slow rendering)
Improvement: It now shows only one error message per transaction
Improvement: Better transaction handling
Improvement: Underline that appears while input Japanese is now white
Improvement: Removed the scroll arrows
Improvement: Smaller window size restriction
Improvement: Post field visual change
Improvement: Preference window visual change
Bug Fixed: Typo fix

27 February 2009: (Version 1.0):
Feature: Dynamically expanding tweet items
Feature: Ability to delete tweets
Feature: Option to only post when control key is also down
Feature: Added a filter to only show posts made by the user
Feature: Added a filter to only show favorite posts
Feature: Added an ability to “toggle” favorite status
Feature: Added an option to use classic tweet view
Feature: Added an option to disable window shadow
Feature: Added an option to use POST method to retrieve updates
Feature: Added an option hide the application when quick read shortcut is provoked again
Improvement: New colors for tweets
Improvement: Tweets are highlighted more significantly when selected
Improvement: Much smoother animation
Improvement: Contextual menu has been improved overall
Improvement: Top view is gone for good
Improvement: Full name in the tweet items
Improvement: Real time filtering will not be reset when it received an update
Improvement: Tweet collection view can now hold 1000 items instead of 200
Improvement: The initial update now downloads more tweets
Improvement: Normal update can download up to 200 tweets
Improvement: Better font
Improvement: You can now use HJKL keys to navigate the tweet view
Improvement: You can escape from “sending reply to” status by hitting the escape key
Bug Fixed: Error message and error sound problem
Bug Fixed: Sparkle control position glitch

19 February 2009: (Version 0.9):
Feature: QuickRead – you can now assign a keyboard shortcut to activate the application and start reading the tweets
Feature: Option to show time in 12-hour notation
Feature: Option to hide the top view (full tweet view)
Feature: Buttons in each tweets to open context menu, reply, and message (only context menu button is available when in mini-view)
Improvement: Hyperlink colors are now white
Improvement: Hyperlinks in tweets can now be clicked
Improvement: Improved URL detection
Improvement: New icon by Susumu
Improvement: All graphics has been redone by Susumu
Improvement: New balloon background for tweets
Improvement: Clicking menu bar icon toggles the window (clicking it while the window is open will close the window)
Improvement: Animated preference menu (animates when you change the tab item)
Improvement: Preference menu has been organized

14 February 2009: (Version 0.8.3):
Improvement: Error messages have been significantly improved
Bug Fixed: Multiple visual glitches
Bug Fixed: Received an error message after posting blank message

13 February 2009: (Version 0.8.2):
Feature: Clicking on an user icon will cause the application to send a reply
Improvement: Right click menu now has an action to reply and send a message
Improvement: Sparkle controls are now HUD

9 February 2009: (Version 0.8.1):
Improvement: New post field with white colored cursor
Improvement: Larger post field
Improvement: Clicking Growl notification now causes the application to activate
Improvement: Favourite tweets are now colored
Improvement: Tweets posted by you are darker than others
Improvement: Menu bar icon image now has “highlighted image”
Feature: User icon image for tweet fullview

7 February 2009: (Version 0.8):
Bug Fixed: Invalid error messages
Improvement: Glyphs have been replaced with the better one provided by susumu
Improvement: Menu bar icon has been replaced with the better one provided by susumu
Improvement: Added a preference option to swap menu bar icon behavior
Improvement: Rounded rectangle post field
Feature: Ability to open a link in a tweet
Feature: Read / Unread flag management

4 February 2009: (Version 0.7.9):
Bug Fixed: Forgot to implement error sound notification
Feature: Ability to Retweet (Available from Status → Retweet)
Improvement: The tweet you post will appear in the status item list immediately

3 February 2009: (Version 0.7.8):
Bug Fixed: The application was not activated when the application was hidden and preference menu was opened from the menu bar icon
Bug Fixed: Size of the status item view was not correct.

3 February 2009: (Version 0.7.7):
Feature: Right click contextual menu for tweets to open the tweet in a browser, open a reply target tweet in browser, etc.
Improved: Menu bar icon behavior change – Left click causes the application to activate, and right click opens the menu
Improved: 12 points font for all tweets to improve readability
Bug Fixed: Some glyphs were slightly misaligned
Known Issue: Switching the view to the normal view causes the view to be slightly smaller than expected. This can be fixed by simply restarting the application (this will be fixed in the next release).

2 February 2009: (Version 0.7.6):
Bug fixed: Shortcut recorder framework was not compiled as UB
Improved: Selected tweet text view now has bigger font size, making it easier to read

2 February 2009: (Version 0.7.5):
Feature: Added a button to mark a tweet as favourite
Improved: It now downloads 100 tweets per timeline update
Improved: More padding on the top view

2 February 2009: (Version 0.7.4):
Improved: Darker post input field
Improved: Reply, DM, Web buttons are now replaced with small glyphs
Bug fixed: No sound effect was played when message was sent

2 February 2009: (Version 0.7.3):
Bug fixed: Small typo in the preference window
Improved: Added an option to disable menu bar icon menu

2 February 2009: (Version 0.7.2):
Improved: Scroll bar is now using BGHUD scroll bar

1 February 2009: (Version 0.7.1):
Improved: Menu for menu bar icon is now implemented

31 January 2009: (Version 0.7):
Improved: Revised timeline reset method
Improved: Revised Growl notification method
Improved: Quick post design change
Improved: Status collection view behavior change
Improved: Preference window design
Improved: Updated Twitter engine
Improved: Hyperlink detection improvement (now recognizes many protocols such as AIM, Email, MSN, etc)
Improved: Status posting behavior change
Improved: Reply behavior change (you can now post in reply to specific tweet ID)
Bug Fixed: Many major and minor memory leaks
Feature: Detailed notification preferences
Feature: Sound notification
Feature: Rounded user icons
Feature: Menubar icon (click to activate the application) – the color of the icon changes when there are new tweets to read
Feature: Ability to hide or unhide the dock icon (requires application restart)

16 January 2009: (Version 0.6):
Improved: Revised reply status handling – more friendly to the Twitter server
Feature: Option to ignore error messages (available from the preference window)
Feature: Quick Post feature added (ability to provoke quick post window with a globally defined keyboard shortcut)
Bug Fixed: Fixed the status duplication issue

11 January 2009: (Version 0.5):
Bug Fixed: Fixed the problem with checking direct messages at general update check
Bug Fixed:</b%3

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