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Spring Boot Starter for Logback-access.

Note: This page is for Spring Boot 2. If you use Spring Boot 1, please refer to v2.6.x branch.
Note: This artifact name was changed in v2.0.0. The old name is "spring-boot-ext-logback-access".


  • Auto-detects your configuration file and configures Logback-access.
  • Supports configuration files on the classpath.
  • Supports X-Forwarded-* HTTP headers.
  • Supports HttpServletRequest#getRemoteUser() provided by Spring Security.
  • Provides extensions of configuration file.
    • <springProfile> tag.
    • <springProperty> tag.

Supported versions

"logback-access-spring-boot-starter" supports the following versions.
Other versions might also work, but we have not tested it.

  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot 2.0.0
  • Embedded Tomcat 8.5.28
  • Embedded Jetty 9.4.8
  • Embedded Undertow 1.4.22
  • Logback-access 1.2.3


Adding the dependency

"logback-access-spring-boot-starter" is published on Maven Central Repository.
If you are using Maven, add the following dependency.


Configuring the Logback-access

Create a Logback-access configuration file "logback-access.xml" in the root of the classpath.

For example:

    <appender name="CONSOLE" class="ch.qos.logback.core.ConsoleAppender">
    <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE" />

See also the Logback official documents:

Access logging

When access the web application, it is logged.

For example: - - [14/5/2016:17:59:54 +0900] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 241 - - [14/5/2016:18:00:32 +0900] "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 200 946 - - [14/5/2016:18:01:21 +0900] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 304 0

Auto-detection of configuration file

Priority order

"logback-access-spring-boot-starter" will look for the configuration file in the following order.
The first found configuration file will be used.

  1. "logback-access-test.xml" in the root of the classpath.
  2. "logback-access.xml" in the root of the classpath.
  3. "logback-access-test-spring.xml" in the root of the classpath.
  4. "logback-access-spring.xml" in the root of the classpath.
  5. fallback configuration file (appends to standard output with common pattern).

Separation for testing

If you are using Maven and place "logback-access-test.xml" under the "src/test/resources" folder, Maven does not include it in the artifact.
Thus, you can use a different configuration file "logback-access-test.xml" during testing and another file "logback-access.xml" in production.
This is the same concept as Logback configuration ("logback.xml" and "logback-test.xml").

Extensions of configuration file

<springProfile> tag: Profile-specific configuration

The <springProfile> tag allows you to optionally include or exclude sections of configuration based on the active Spring profiles.
Usage of this extension follows Spring Boot Logback extension "Profile-specific configuration".

<springProfile name="staging">
    <!-- configuration to be enabled when the "staging" profile is active -->

<springProfile name="dev, staging">
    <!-- configuration to be enabled when the "dev" or "staging" profiles are active -->

<springProfile name="!production">
    <!-- configuration to be enabled when the "production" profile is not active -->

<springProperty> tag: Environment properties

The <springProperty> tag allows you to surface properties from the Spring Environment.
Usage of this extension follows Spring Boot Logback extension "Environment properties".

<springProperty scope="context" name="fluentHost" source="" defaultValue="localhost" />
<appender name="FLUENT" class="ch.qos.logback.more.appenders.DataFluentAppender">

Configuration properties

"logback-access-spring-boot-starter" provides the following configuration properties.
These can be configure by your "application.yml" / "".

  # Whether to enable auto-configuration.
  # Defaults to true.
  enabled: true
  # The location of the configuration file.
  # Auto-detected by default:
  #   1. "classpath:logback-access-test.xml"
  #   2. "classpath:logback-access.xml"
  #   3. "classpath:logback-access-test-spring.xml"
  #   4. "classpath:logback-access-spring.xml"
  #   5. "classpath:net/rakugakibox/spring/boot/logback/access/logback-access-spring.xml"
  config: "classpath:your-logback-access.xml"
  # Whether to use the server port (HttpServletRequest#getServerPort())
  # instead of the local port (HttpServletRequest#getLocalPort()) within IAccessEvent#getLocalPort().
  # Defaults to true.
  useServerPortInsteadOfLocalPort: true
  # for Tomcat.
    # Whether to enable request attributes to work with the RemoteIpValve enabled with "server.useForwardHeaders".
    # Defaults to the presence of the RemoteIpValve.
    enableRequestAttributes: true

Release notes

Please refer to the "Releases" page.

Related articles


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome :)

Building and testing

To build and test, you can run:

$ cd logback-access-spring-boot-starter
$ ./mvnw clean install


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.