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Redmine Issue Badge Plugin

Plugin info at Circle CI Sider

Plugin to show the number of assigned issues with badge on top menu.

For Redmine 3.x, please use version 0.7.0 or support-Redmine3 branch.

screen shot

Plugin installation

  1. Copy the plugin directory into the plugins directory. Please note that plugin's folder name should be "redmine_issue_badge". If changed, some migration task will be failed.
  2. Do migration task.

e.g. rails redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

  1. (Re)Start Redmine.


Try this:

rails redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_issue_badge VERSION=0 \

Required Settings

This feature is activated as one of the user preferences.

  1. Login to your Redmine and go to "/my/account" page.
  2. Enable the option, described as "Show number of assigned issues with badge".
  3. After that, if you have assigned and opened issues, the number of issues is shown with badge.
  4. Click badge and firt 5 issues are displayed.

That's all.

Quick try with using Docker

You can try quickly this plugin with Docker environment. Please try:
docker-compose up -d

Please note: Yon don't have to download Redmine's source code, but source code of this plugin is required.

Run docker-compose up -d command and soon you can access Redmine running within Docker container. After stating up container, please login as admin (password: admin) and access http://localhost:3000/admin/plugins . Then, you can configure and activate this plugin.




Please note, this release is required to migrate. Supporting custom query feature is still a prototype, so feedback highly appreciate!

  • Support custom query based badge number. (Related: #67, #107)
  • Enabled to change the number to display issues in the popup window. (#67, #69)
  • Change the initial badge color to green. (#108)
  • Update German translation. Thank you so much, @double2ugly
  • Update zh-TW translation. Thank you so much, @vongola12324
  • Bugfix: IssueBadgeUserSetting is not created correctly via post method. (#106)

Thanks for suggestions and PR for this release: @Jiangshan0000, @bviktor, @koren85, @rafaelmartinsrm, @AizeLeOuf, and @vongola12324.


Code refactoring and maintenance release.

  • Bug fix for #96 #97. UserPreference setting does not work correctly.
  • JavaScript Code refactoring. (Change jQuery to Pure JavaScript)


  • Support Redmine 4.x.
    • Now master branch unsupports Redmine 3.x.
    • Please use ver 0.7.x or support-Redmine3 branch in case using Redmine3.x.

NOTE: Mainly, maintenance and refactoring only. There is no additional feature, translation in this release. Thank you so much for providing workaround against Redmine4.x, @kenji21! (#91, #92)


  • Feature #82. Enabled to switch list issue order. (Oldest 5 or Latest 5)
  • Merge pull request #92 to support Redmine4.0. (Thanks, kenji21)
  • Some code refactoring.

Please note, this version does not spport Redmine4.x completely. Since Redmine4.x is based on Rails that migration format must be changed.

Maybe new version, 0.1.0, which support Redmine4.x will be released soon.


  • Bug fix for #49. Badge is not working for user created from LDAP user.
  • Feature #52. Display background image when user’s assigned issue is empty.
  • PR #48. Add simplified Chinese translation file. Thank you so much, Steven.W!
  • Some code refactoring. Thanks to Sider (former SideCI), I am very saved!


Please note, this release is required to migrate.

  • Feature #43. Add option to polling assigned issues count every 60 seconds. (Prototype)
  • Feature #41. Add option to include / exclude option issues assigned to user's group.
  • Bug fix for #36. Don’t render html in case current user is required password change just after login. Thanks, @nakat-t.
  • Bug fix for #32. Escape subject includes html entities. Thank you so much @pousterlus.
  • Change not to use fixtures and to use FactoryGirl for rspec.
  • Some code refactoring. Special thanks to Sider,, which is automating code analysis system.

  • Bug fix for #28. Thank you so much @juxta73.


Code refactoring and change settings for CI. From this version, need Redmine 3.3.1 or higher.

  • Change CI from to wercker
  • Convert README from rdoc to markdown.
  • Remove selenium-webdriver from plugin's Gemfile. (#24)
  • UserPreference setting is failed in case using Redmine3.3.1 or later. (#23)


  • Display badge when responsive mode (#17).
  • Enabled to activate badge for all the user on plugin's configuration screen. (#3)
  • Code Refactoring.
    • Add scss file and npm script to compile scss.


  • Fix. Redmine not at root (#13).
  • Fix. JS Bug (#5).
  • Fix. Wrong CSS (#4).
  • Merge PR: (#1) / Thank you so much, ykws!
  • Add README_ja, GPL.txt
  • Add rspec somple code for test.


  • First release


Run spec

Please see .circleci/config.yml for more details. You can run only for the spec related this plugin via rake task.

cp plugins/redmine_issue_badge/Gemfile.local plugins/redmine_issue_badge/Gemfile
bundle install --with test
export RAILS_ENV=test
bundle exec rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test
bundle exec rails redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=test

bundle exec rails redmine_issue_badge:spec

Also you can run via rspec command like this:

bundle exec rspec -I plugins/redmine_issue_badge/spec \
            --format documentation plugins/redmine_issue_badge/spec/


This software is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT and COPYING for details.


Akiko Takano (Twitter: @akiko_pusu) / GitHub:

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