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Akindi's Moodle Plugin

Synchronize course rosters and grades between Akindi and Moodle (2.7+, 3.0+).


  1. Generate an Akindi API key:
  1. Login to Akindi, then click LMS Integrations under the "Administration" heading on the left nav bar (if you don't see the LMS Integrations options, please contact akindi so we can give your account access to LMS integration options).
  2. Click "Add LMS Integration" and fill out the form. Make sure that the LMS URL field begins with https:// and contains the complete path to the location Akindi's local plugin will be installed. The URL is usually similar to
  3. Make note of the "Public Key" and "Secret Key"; you'll need these in step 8.
  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from Github:
  2. Login to your Moodle instance, and under the Administration panel, expand Plugins and click Install plugins:


  1. Under the Install plugin from ZIP file heading, click the Choose a file… button:


  1. Click Choose File, select the zip file downloaded in step 2, then click Upload this file:


  1. Once the zip file has been uploaded it should appear in the file list below the Install plugin from ZIP file heading. Click the Install plugin from the ZIP file button:


  1. Once the plugin has been validated, click Continue:


  1. Under the Administration panel, expand Plugins, then Local plugins, and click Akindi Settings. Fill in the values appropriate to your installation:

    The public key from step 1 (it will start with pk_).


    The secret key from step 1 (it will start with sk_).


    A secret key you have generated which should not be shared with Akindi. The default value is generated randomly on each page load and is a suitable default.

    This key is used to sign tokens sent to Akindi and should not be changed after the initial application setup.


  1. Test your integration: navigate to a course, expand Course administration, then click Launch Akindi!

Usage Notes

Akindi assumes that student's idnumber field will be a numeric student ID. Akindi will still function if it isn't, but the instructor will have to manually assign each scanned sheet to a student.