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A oh-my-zsh theme for iTerm users.
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A ZSH theme built for people who want:

  • Simple Terminal (I use iTerm)
  • Git Status for each working folder

For Mac Users, I highly recommend iTerm 2 + Afterglow for Sublime Text


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1

What does it show?

  • 🕕 Time
  • ~/Desktop Working directory
  • where you type your cmds

  • Git Status
  • ✹git:master color : Red unstaged commit
  • git:master color: White committed files
  • shows if current directory is a git folder || git branch

How To Install


  1. Download || Clone the URL
  2. Copy themes folder that contains chi.zsh-theme
  3. Open Terminal, enter defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES to show hidden files and folders
  4. Go to your home directory and find .oh-my-zsh folder, right click and open in new tab, enter the custom folder
  5. Paste the themes folder you copied into the custom folder and close finder
  6. Enter your oh-my-zsh configuration file by entering vi ~/.zshrc, and press i key to enter edit mode
  7. Change your current theme ZSH_THEME="robbyrussell" to ZSH_THEME="chi", and press esc key to leave edit mode
  8. Press :wq to leave Vi mode
  9. Enter source ~/.zshrc to save the configuration
  10. Done, Enjoy your new theme!!


  1. Add zgen load akinjide/chi themes to your .zshrc with your other zgen load commands
  2. zgen save to create a new init.zsh
  3. start a new iTerm window to load the new configuration.
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