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mobilAP Version 2.0b14
May 23, 2010
This is (hopefully) the final Beta version of mobilAP 2.0! Please see the CHANGELOG file for changes.
It is now considered appropriate for production use. Most of the important features are functional, however, there may still be some unresolved issues. We would appreciate you using this in a non-critical setting and providing feedback to
- Please read the Documentation for system requirements and setup information. Open up index.html in the Documentation folder of this archive.
- Due to a coding flaw in Apple's Dashcode framework code, if you edit the project file and then re-publish the site, the desktop version will not work in Firefox (and perhaps other browsers). The template used to program the Stack Layout part calls a method that does not exist in Firefox. In the code that comes with mobilAP, that method is properly handled. If you republish the project it will overwrite that file (html/safari/Parts/parts.js).
Please contact if you have any questions, bug submissions or requests. We make no guarantee, however, with respect to future releases.
Please note that technical support cannot be given, although paid consultation for help is available.
Monitor or @mobilAP on twitter for future updates.
The license is a very liberal BSD Style license. You may alter this as you need as long as you continue to give original attribution to the University of Cincinnati. See the LICENSE file for more information