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List of Controls


CTRL-X or CTRL-Q --> Open Save Menu

Most Menus

A --> Accept

ESCAPE --> Exit menu


UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT --> Movement (Also: numpad) Hold down buttons to run

SHIFT + DIRECTION --> Run in a given direction (alternate method)

G --> Pick up item/Open chest/Attempt to unlock chest (if thief)

B --> Bash locked chest

C --> Display Character Sheet

I --> Open inventory

Y --> Levelup (Respec only)

R --> Repsec character (if not ironman)


SPACE --> Open ability selection, Select ability.

B --> Open Spellbook

E --> Cycle through targets

W --> Cycle through targets in reverse

A --> Attack target\Activate Ability or Spell, Select ability\spell\item, Use item

N --> End turn

S --> Select self as target

I --> Open consumable selection screen (a subset of your inventory.)

O --> Swap weapon sets (if alternate weapons are equipped and you have at least 5 AP)

PERIOD --> Display weaknesses and strengths of target


A --> Buy/Sell (depending on whether you are selecting your gear or shop gear.)

SPACE/ESCAPE --> Exit shop


E --> Equip an item from your inventory

ALT-E --> Equip a weapon/shield in your an alternate weapon slot

U --> Unequip an item (or set of items) from your body

O --> Equip an appropriate weapon in your off-hand

ALT-O --> Equip a weapon in your alternate weapon slot (off-hand)

D --> Destroy an item in your inventory

SPACE --> Close Inventory


EQUALS or PAGE UP --> Scroll up one

MINUS or PAGE DOWN --> Scroll down one

PLUS --> Scroll to top

UNDERSCORE --> Scroll to bottom

Alternate keys

We are trying to support players that want to move around with the numpad keys as well as the VIM keybindings (hjkl) for the directional support. Let me know if one of these set of keys isn't working for a particular interface.

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