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ふりがなインジェクター - Nanoszenie furigany - 振假名植入器 - حاقن الفوريغانا

Furigana Injector has been shutdown (as of Dec 31 2013)

Feel free to fork any code here if you'd like to make a replacement.

N.b. the Furigana Inserter fork is still alive and well. Furigana Inserter seems to be gone, but there are several more furigana-inserting addons in chrome and firefox these days.

udonmai-san has built the furigana*server on MacOSX, so that he can run it all locally on his desktop/laptop.

His github of his own version is at The instructions of his changes are on the following wiki page: Udonmai_MacOSX_build.

Furigana Injector was ...

a Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome extension that inserts furigana for kanji words.

It was the sum of these parts:

  • MeCab natural-language parser (server or XPCOM component.)
  • Adjustable array of user's known kanji (javascript)
  • Webpage-text parsing (javascript)
  • Webpage DOM manipulation to insert tags. (javascript)
  • GUI controls and help pages (javascript, image and html resources)

If you want to contact the developer you may freely email him at akira.kurogane at gmail. If you want to use the server program as a localhost service you will have to compile for yourself, so experienced C++ project builders only thanks.


Thanks to Erii-san (Italy), Philippe-san (France), Daniel (Germany), Konrad (Poland), Andre (Brazil), Ahmad (Lebanon), Kayo (Japan), Ji-Hyuk (Korea), CC Fan (Chinese), Nesukun (Spain) and Carmen (Dutch) for their localizations!
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